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2018 Mercedes AMG

Anticipating the New Mercedes AMG 45 Series

As of late, it feels like pages are being torn out of the rule book and thrown out the window every time an automaker announces an uncharacteristic restyling, or aggressive spike in power ratings. In fact, one might argue that this sort of headline is becoming the rule rather than the exception, depicting a sense [...]

Purchasing a Pre-owned Mercedes Benz S-Class is good

Purchasing Pre-owned from Mercedes Benz Laguna Niguel

Buying a pre-owned vehicle is an outstanding way to get maximum luxury for a reduced price. At Mercedes Benz, offered is a wide range of pre-owned possibilities from a variety of automakers. Of course, you can expect to see more offerings from our beloved Mercedes Benz manufacturer, but we do have an abundance of alternatives, [...]

The Four Most Expensive SUVs on the Market

Perhaps you recently came across a large chunk of change, and you're considering cashing in that money on a luxurious SUV. If you're seeking all the possible features, amenities, and capabilities offered in such a vehicle, you may want to be eyeing some of the pricier options. You'll find several of the most expensive SUVs [...]

2016 is still quite a ways away, but that doesn't mean we can't start previewing some of the top brand's new vehicles for the model year. If we're going to start previewing 2016 vehicles, why not start with everyone's dream vehicle: the luxury sedan. Many of the 2016 vehicles haven't been released yet, but we've [...]

The Five Most Luxurious Pickups Ever

Pickup trucks are known for certain things. They're obviously renowned for their cargo space, and they're often praised for their ruggedness and power. One adjective you don’t often see accompanying a pickup truck review is "luxurious," but that doesn't mean there aren't extravagant pickups available. In fact, there are plenty of manufacturers that are trying [...]

Most Expensive New Car Insurance Policies of 2015

Every now and then it happens.  You’re leisurely flipping through channels on your tv and catch a car race scene and you think, “Wow, that does look like fun.  I really belong driving a fast car”.  It cannot be avoided.  They do make it look like a lot of fun and really because it is. [...]

Red Ferrari Enzo

  When you buy a luxury automobile, you aren't just buying the look. You are buying a sophisticated piece of machinery that was put together with the finest workmanship and that runs on the highest quality parts. It's not just the repairs or the new engine parts that will come with a higher cost. Even [...]