Three Exotic Car Brands That Are Often Forgotten

For every Ford and Dodge, there’s a Pagani and Lotus. Some brand of cars just demand the spotlight, and their companies record-sales means they could flood television, radio, and billboards will advertisements for their newest vehicle. Some companies, unfortunately, don’t have that same privilege. It’s a fact of life: some brands will receive mainstream popularity, […]

History of the Toyota Celica

Believe it or not, Toyota hasn’t produced new models of their legendary Toyota Celica for nearly ten years! It certainly doesn’t feel that long, and that sentiment is reinforced by the fact that the car’s are still popular on used car lots. The Celica has a pretty extensive history. The car was a top seller […]

The Five Most Desirable Used Cars

Some potential car buyers may swear off used vehicles all together, citing their desire to purchase a new vehicle. What they’re failing to recognize is the unneeded burden on the wallet that accompanies purchasing a new car. Used cars have obviously had more action than a new car, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less […]

The Five Most Luxurious Pickups Ever

Pickup trucks are known for certain things. They’re obviously renowned for their cargo space, and they’re often praised for their ruggedness and power. One adjective you don’t often see accompanying a pickup truck review is “luxurious,” but that doesn’t mean there aren’t extravagant pickups available. In fact, there are plenty of manufacturers that are trying […]

Chevys Celebrated in Songs

Few things perk me up more than belting out songs behind the wheel of my car. But imagine belting out tunes about the car you’re driving. If that car happens to be a Chevy, you’re in luck. It’s no secret that Americans love cars. And musicians love to celebrate them in song. But you would […]

The Pros and Cons of a Turbocharger

Thinking about turbocharging your car’s engine? Not a bad idea. Turbocharged engines are faster, and actually offer more in the way of benefits besides increased speed. Several of the Chevy, Kia, Dodge, and Ford models (just to name a few) on the market today have turbo options available along with the higher end sports cars. But, […]

The 7 Best Modified Jeeps

There may not be a vehicle that’s modified more than the Jeep. We’ve seen various parties customize their off-road vehicles since Jeeps were first put into production in 1941. This list of groups includes movie lovers, hoping to rebuild an iconic vehicle from cinema history. The list could also include military engineers, who had to […]