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2018 Buick Enclave vs. 2018 Ford Explorer

When To Pay More For A Vehicle

It is only natural to want to save as much money as possible when buying a new vehicle. Large SUVs and trucks, in particular, can be extremely expensive depending on the make, model, and trim you are considering. As a result, it can be easy to feel as though the vehicle you had your heart [...]


Race to the Finish Line with Roush

Since 1995, automotive mogul, Jack Roush, has been manufacturing and developing high performance components for street and race cars. The man is a bit of a legend: he graduated with a Master's Degree in Scientific Mathematics from Eastern Michigan University, then started working for Ford Motors soon after graduation, and in 1984, began building engines [...]

2018 Ford Escape

The Downside to Car Rides With Pets? Fleas in Your Vehicle.

You imagined a lot of possibilities when you bought your 2018 Ford Escape, but having a compact SUV jumping with fleas wasn't one of them. Even if you faithfully treat your dogs' fur, keep them bathed, and make sure they have their regular dose of flea prevention medicine, the nasty pests can sometimes be wilier [...]

If I were a Rich Girl…

If you read that title and then immediately hummed na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na nah, then congratulate yourself… you are part of the reason that Gwen Stefani is estimated to be worth more than 100 million bucks. So yes, she is, no doubt, a rich girl. I, however, am not. However, I certainly do “think what that money could [...]

Let’s Build a 2017 Honda Accord!

If you’re in the market for a new sedan, you’ve surely been debating the 2017 Honda Accord vs. the 2017 Chevy Malibu. These vehicles are rather comparable, and customers will seek every advantage that accompanies the two models as they’re trying to make a decision. Well, if you’re looking for convenience and a speedy car-buying [...]

How Toyota is Giving Back to the Community

Toyota has clearly reached the pinnacle of car production (although that hasn’t stopped them from continuing to produce innovative vehicles). Now, the brand is focused on helping individuals throughout the United States, whether they be students, children, or women, in particular. These various initiatives are an effective way for the company to promote their brand, [...]

Don’t Sell Used Cars by Bashing New

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’ve all heard it before. ‘Most cars depreciate 20-30% during the first two years of ownership. Why spend more, when you can let someone else take the hit by buying the same vehicle used?’ This tends to the be the go-to battle-cry of anyone trying to pitch the upside of used cars. [...]

My Favorite Amateur Songs About Dump Trucks

I’ve been commissioned to be a DJ at my soon-to-be nephew’s birthday party. Considering his infatuation with all things dump trucks, I decided to peruse the internet for some dump truck-related songs. Unfortunately, my options were severely limited. Fortunately, I came across some of the best/worst songs I’ve ever laid ears on. If you’ve been [...]

Alas, Poor Car Dealers…

Looking back at 2016, it was impressive to see that vehicle sales within the U.S. returned another banner year. With a jump of 17.5 million vehicles from 2015 sales, a total of 17.55 million new vehicles hit U.S. roads last year. While those are certainly impressive numbers, it's been widely stated that such a steady [...]

Why Go Further?

So, here you are…searching Ford dealerships online. My question is, “Why?” Please allow me to clarify: my question is not intended to cast aspersions on the Ford Motor Company or Ford dealerships. If (as stated in their motto) Ford wants you to “Go Further,” I’m going to suggest that you wait just a minute because [...]