What Happened to the Sedan?

Go to a car dealership that sells a domestic brand, and you’re going to see something pretty quickly: there are very few sedans left out there. While sedans once dominated American car sales, they’ve been left behind, discontinued, and ignored by many auto manufacturers – especially the Big Three here in the US. Ford, GM, […]

Car Shows are Back!

Unless you’ve been living off the grid in a pretty extreme way, you already know just how much the COVID pandemic has messed up the world in the last [checks notes] 18 months!? While I enjoy the existential crisis caused by this reminder of how long things have been going so badly, let’s focus on […]

EV Future: What About the Batteries?

We find ourselves at an interesting moment in the auto industry. Not since the development of the internal combustion engine itself and the birth of the industry has there been something quite so revolutionary and important for the future of transportation: the proliferation of Electric Vehicles (EVs). A lot of people (including me) are very […]