Welcome Back, Land Cruiser

2024 is a big year for Toyota SUV fans. After a three-year hiatus, the Toyota Land Cruiser is returning to your local Toyota dealership. Just a few years ago, the Land Cruiser quietly disappeared. Known for being the perfect blend of luxury and off-road capability in one very sharp-looking SUV, many hearts were broken by […]

Is the Mustang Mach-E the Edge Replacement?

Change is in the air for Ford dealers around the country. Current rumors are that the last Ford Edge SUV ever will be produced on April 26, 2024. While Ford has not yet confirmed this information, the brand certainly hasn’t attempted to squelch the gossip either, which is somewhat unusual in the automotive industry. Frequently, […]

What’s the Deal with Volkswagen’s IQ.DRIVE Technology?

Before heading to your local Volkswagen dealer, you might want to learn everything you can about the specific model of Volkswagen that’s caught your eye. What trims are there? What features does each have? And—perhaps most importantly—what about safety? According to Volkswagen, “IQ.DRIVE is safety-enhancing intelligence that is convenient and can help improve your everyday […]

The 2024 Chevy Corvette Z06 Is Not the Car for Every Driver: Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing

Harley Earl conceived of the Corvette as a European-style sports car for the American people. In 1951, that vision included aerodynamic curves, a powerful engine, and a reasonable price tag. The Corvette was intended to be an affordable American sports car that was just as performance-oriented as any European road racer, and it has lived […]