About Us


As drivers, the siren call of the open road beckons us, compelling us to find our way behind the wheel. Why? Because, deep in our collective consciousness, the ability to transport ourselves from Point A to Point B (at a whim) is equitable to freedom. In other words, the automotive industry influences us more than we realize, stirring our very souls.

So, is it really any surprise that the global automotive industry, as a whole, exceeds $2 trillion? Regardless of our geography, our loyalty to any one automaker or personal preference in terms of body-style, most of us contribute to that industry – as consumers. And while our expectations (and even demands) as consumers have evolved over time, the nuances of the automotive marketplace can still prove daunting to navigate.


As a whole, the automotive industry presents a vast, expansive landscape with plenty of terrain to cover. And, consistent with any territory deserving of exploration, there is a wide range of individuals looking to make their way across it, from prospective buyers seeking insights to the most knowledgable of long-time automotive enthusiasts. But with even the most revered publications transparent in their offering of endorsement in exchange for ad revenue, how can anyone be sure of accurate technical information or even a genuine perspective?

Here at AutoInfluence, we aspire to offer our readers both (and yet, so much more). Not only are we committed to diligent research, ensuring that we provide the most accurate delivery of make, model, year and trim-distinct specifications – but we pride ourselves on pairing technical precision with an unbiased look at each one our subjects.

And in our opinion, such a commitment has never been more important than it is right now. Because the automotive landscape is currently primed to change faster than ever before, with advances in safety suites, advanced driver assistive features, and most automakers partnering with tech giants in a race towards autonomous self-driving technology.

So, rest assured…whatever changes come of the automotive industry, AutoInfluence will be here to help you navigate the unfamiliar terrain of the road less traveled.


Simply put, to inspire. By presenting well-informed, articulate think-pieces, AutoInfluence aims to inspire you to think outside the rhetoric of automotive marketers interested only in moving units (or even the individual sale). Perhaps you’ll agree with our perspectives; then again, maybe you won’t. But in fostering an honest discourse and exchange of opinion between our contributors and readers, we hope to contribute to the creation of more empowered consumers and – as a result – more engaged drivers.