Why Are Chevy and Ford Rivals?

Throughout history, there have always been those who have met their match. Pepsi versus Coca-Cola. Levis versus Wranglers. Batman versus Superman. And, of course, Chevrolet versus Ford. For decades, drivers have turned to these brands when they have wanted a reliable, durable vehicle that they know will outperform most other comparable manufacturers. The moment a […]

The Benefits of an F-150

Looking to purchase a Ford F-150? You’re making a wise decision. The F-150 is renowned among the workhorse sector of the automotive industry for its reliability, durability, and power. Not only has the F-150 been the best-selling pickup of the last forty years, but it’s also been the best-selling vehicle of all time, surpassed only […]

Ousting The King of Luxury: The 2023 Ford F-150 vs the 2023 Ram 1500

The rivalry among America’s “Big Three” automakers has defined the industry since the 1900s when Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler raced to put America on wheels with the first automobiles. Over the last century, that rivalry has inspired countless innovations that have progressed the industry and introduced legendary speed demons, versatile SUVs, and capable workhorses. […]