The Chevy Blazer: From Bell-Bottoms and Disco to Social Media Trends and a Need for Speed

1970s America was an era of social progress, disco, bell-bottoms, duos like Sonny and Cher, bombshells like Charlie’s Angels, and television families like the Partridges. It was also a period of vast advancement in the automotive industry, especially with International Harvester’s debut of the Scout a decade prior. As the first rugged, passenger-carrying four-wheel drive […]

Electrifying the Kia Lineup: Kia’s EV6 and Electric-Global Modular Platform

The world’s biggest automakers are leading the charge to usher drivers into an electrified future. GM’s promise to phase out its petroleum-powered lineup by 2035 sent shockwaves throughout the industry, but don’t think the automaker’s biggest rivals were stunned by the announcement; quite the contrary. Automakers like Kia, Hyundai, Ford, and numerous others were already […]