A Luxury Hybrid: Admiring the Lexus RX

There’s a common trend among luxury automakers of taking their most popular models and arming them with hybrid capabilities. It’s genius, actually, seeing as they’re taking vehicles that appeal to their clientele and enhancing them, providing drivers with even more options to enjoy their favorite nameplates. They don’t start from scratch; they merely upgrade what’s […]

Should Chevy Go High-End With the Colorado?

Right now, Chevy offers five different trims for the midsize Colorado pickup, giving drivers plenty of options to choose from. And yet, as one looks at this selection of models, something becomes abundantly clear: they’ve gone all-in on off-road capability and options without offering something more luxurious. If someone’s interested in a Chevy Colorado for […]

The Hyundai N Division Is Changing the Perception of Korean Cars

Over the decades since Korean automotive companies entered the North American market, their perception has undergone multiple shifts. Initially seen as a “you get what you pay for” cheap alternative to established brands—emphasized by issues with early offerings like the Hyundai Excel—they eventually gained an identity as brands that offered affordable, reliable vehicles, albeit with […]

CFMOTO Shows Chinese Motorcycles Are Getting Serious

Some motorcycle brands, such as Harley-Davidson, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Indian, and Ducati, have long been synonymous with excellence. In recent years, though, riders visiting their local motorcycle dealer may have noticed the CFMOTO nameplate appearing more and more. Barely two decades after introducing their motorcycles to the US, this China-based powersports manufacturer has more than 300 […]

Can Jeep Break the Luxury Barrier? The Grand Cherokee 4xe Makes Its Case

Fully redesigned in 2022, the fifth-generation Grand Cherokee builds on an established formula that’s proved so successful for over 30 years. Jeep really seems to have prioritized the SUV’s road manners as part of the new generation, upgrading the Grand Cherokee’s steering, suspension, and brake response to create a dynamic, well-rounded ride. The Grand Cherokee […]