Ranking the 2023 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

It’s no surprise that automakers are investing resources like crazy to build tech-forward, fuel-efficient SUVs. Today’s drivers have high expectations, wanting value, features, fuel efficiency, and performance all rolled into one vehicle large enough to accommodate their growing families. The rise of three-row SUVs has shown us that size matters, as few brands can deliver […]

Understanding Toyota’s Beyond Zero Lineup

…is Toyota making electric cars? After all, with industry giants like Chevy and Ford introducing new electric offerings regularly, it only makes sense that the iconic Toyota brand would try to keep up. Instead of fully jumping on the EV bandwagon and changing its entire lineup to electric, as has Buick, Toyota is taking a […]

Koji Sato: Defining the Future of Toyota

Toyota Motor Corporation—you might have heard of them. They’re the largest automotive manufacturing company in the world (by volume), and they didn’t get that way overnight. It took decades of hard work from shrewd and passionate people. It took innovating a system of production that has since become the elite model for lean manufacturing around […]

How Toyota Keeps up With the Times: Electrifying Vehicles

Like most industries, the automotive industry is evolving, and electrified vehicles have become an integral part of the conversation. Automakers are increasingly pushing for greater efficiency, lower emissions, longer ranges from battery power, and a clear environmental plan that pushes the industry towards more sustainable practices. Toyota is one such automaker, focusing on producing a […]

Toyota’s All-Time Best SUVs

When you think of Toyota, practical cars like the Corolla or hybrids like the Prius are likely going to be the first things to come to mind. They’ve made a name for themselves crafting reliable, efficient vehicles that tend to come in a smaller package. Here in the United States, we favor larger vehicles. Pickups […]

The Legacy of Shoichiro Toyota

On February 14, Shoichiro Toyoda passed away at age 97. As a prominent member of the Toyota family, Shoichiro Toyoda was instrumental in transforming the Toyota Motor Corporation into the automotive titan it is today. During his ten years as President and seven years as Chairman, he spearheaded initiatives from the creation of the Lexus […]

Bridging the Gap: The Toyota Prius

When the Toyota Prius first appeared in North America, it became inextricably linked with the future. The year 2000 saw many changes across a variety of industries, including the automotive industry. Care for the environment became an important topic, and people were looking for alternatives to only gas or only diesel-fueled vehicles. Toyota was the […]