Kia’s Rising Star

Kia has been rapidly moving up in the world. What was once commonly referred to as a “throwaway car” has increasingly become one of the most dynamic auto manufacturers in the world. Although Kia has yet to break into the big leagues in terms of volume, the vehicles that they are currently producing are every […]

The Greatest Escape

The Ford Escape is by far the most popular SUV wearing the blue oval, and in 2019 alone, almost a quarter-million of these compact vehicles were sold. And this immense popularity should come as no surprise. The Ford Escape is an affordable and highly versatile vehicle that is available with plenty of features and still […]

Which Wins? Capability vs Cost?

Is there a more iconic battle than Ford vs Chevy? From trucks to sports cars, these two great American automobile manufacturers have been dueling for superiority for well over 100 years. Today, this rival also extends into the SUV market, with matchups like the 2020 Ford Edge vs 2020 Chevy Equinox. Although compact SUVs may […]

The Honda Fit – The 21st Century Civic?

    Today, cars are constantly increasing in size and cost. The Honda Civic, once renowned as a small and affordable vehicle, now costs over $20,000 (the top trim Touring trim can actually go over $30,000 easily depending on the options chosen) and is larger than some 1990’s Honda Accords. However, the old Honda spirit […]