When Crocodile Dundee Sold Subaru’s

If you’ve ever found yourself in the same vicinity as a Subaru dealership, you may have noticed a few Subaru Outbacks on display, ready to sell. Just like any other product or service that’s marketed to consumers, advertising is a major part of garnering attention and the various ways that advertisements have evolved over the […]

Strange Technology You Won’t Find at a Dealership

As you’re shopping for a car, technology is probably one of the top things you’ll look at while narrowing down your options to pick the right vehicle. Statistically, based on surveys at least, luxury and comfort tech––like heated seats––are among those things that car-buyers look for first and foremost. That makes sense; after all, you’re […]

Honda And The Future Of Autonomous Driving

Advanced driver-assist systems are commonplace features in many modern vehicles, such as safety alert systems, adaptive cruise control, and other automated mechanisms. Most vehicles are considered to have Level 1 or Level 2 advanced driver assist systems, also known as ADAS. One of the market leaders in Level 2 ADAS is Honda, which has made […]