First-Time Crossover Buyer? Here’s Why Automakers Are Competing Aggressively for Your Business

Buying a car for the first time can be overwhelming, especially if you’re shopping on a limited budget. Even if you’ve narrowed your search to a specific body style, your choices are seemingly endless. Consider the crossover, arguably the most sought-after body style, especially for first-time buyers. Vehicles like the 2022 Honda CR-V vs 2022 […]

Ford Snuck a Hybrid Powertrain into the 2022 F-150—Here’s Why It’s Genius

After the 2021 launch of Ford’s completely redesigned F-150 pickup—and this year’s 2022 Ford F-150—all eyes focused on the companion EV, the Lightning. It makes sense, since the all-electric Lightning represents the beginning of the automaker’s very aggressive electrification strategy. One doesn’t need to completely abandon combustion engine technology to achieve better fuel economy, though, […]

The 2022 Ford Explorer ST Series Offers a Fresh Take on a Perennial Favorite

How do you take your Ford Explorer? Two doors or four? Rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive? Cheap or luxurious? This ubiquitous ute arguably kick-started the SUV revolution, and the many available trims and configurations have led to category-leading sales almost every year since it first launched in the early ’90s. Can Ford continue reinventing America’s […]