If SUVs are the Future, Why Do Sedans Keep Getting Better, Faster, and Prettier?

Oh, the humble sedan. Despite America’s obsession with SUVs, it still manages to occupy a prominent spot in many automakers’ lineups. Visit a Toyota Camry dealership, and you’ll witness this phenomenon firsthand. Toyota continues bettering the industry’s most popular midsize sedan amidst record-setting crossover sales. But, why? Officially, automakers will continue building competitive sedans for […]

The Ideal Family Vehicle May Not Be an SUV: Why Pickup Trucks Are Winning a Spot in Suburban Driveways

When you think about pickup trucks, what comes to mind? For most, it’s a job site or another work-related image. Pickups have long been associated with gritty, messy hard work, and the demographic of the pickup driver centered around tradesmen, ranchers, and other utility-focused individuals. That’s a generalization, but aside from some outliers, the main […]