A green 2024 Chevy Trax is shown parked near a city.

How the Redesigned 2024 Chevy Trax Combines Fun-To-Drive Features With Affordability

Subcompact crossover buyers almost universally share the same overarching purchase goal: affordability. Most are even willing to forego niceties like upgraded cabins and spaciousness to achieve a manageable monthly payment. But what if you didn’t have to say goodbye to advanced technology, fun ride handling, and stylish curb appeal? Enter the all-new 2024 Chevy Trax, the global automaker’s cute-as-a-button entry subcompact that says goodbye to its previous bubble-like styling and rental car-esque cabin.

Not only has Chevy improved just about every facet of the Trax, but the bowtie brand achieved it for a $1,000 cheaper sticker price. That’s music to budget-strapped buyers’ ears and yet another reason the industry is taking its design cues from Chevy’s customer-centric lineup strategy. Joining the ranks of its stylish siblings, the Trailblazer and the Equinox, the newest Trax boasts angular architecture and futuristic flush-mounted LED headlights that frame a sloped, patterned grille.

The reimagined Trax gets extra polish from the eight-color exterior paint palette, with each hue individualizing the ute in a unique way, from the muted Cacti Green that oozes elegance to the startling Nitro Yellow Metallic that adds a dollop of quirk. Five trims give buyers plenty to pick from, and even the high-end, sporty ACTIV, with its 18-inch aluminum wheels and interior “Titanium-like” trim, and the identically priced 2RS that favors premium features and polish, won’t creep past the $25k mark. Turns out, there’s a lot to love about the 2024 Chevy Trax.

A red 2024 Chevy Trax is shown driving on a city street.

How Chevy’s Trax Helps You Stretch Your Dollar Further

By stretching the Trax 11 inches longer and two inches wider, Chevy adds value for subcompact crossover buyers. Priced lower, the 2024 Trax delivers big on cargo capacity, with a max 54.1 cu.ft. of space. Intelligent design factors in rear passenger comfort, eschewing the usual space-saving (and cost-cutting) dimensions for a fully flat floor that affords 38.7 inches of rear leg room, 38.10 inches of rear headroom, and extra shoulder and hip room by way of the additional two inches of girth.

Chevy focuses on cabin ergonomics, splitting the difference between the traditional high-top seating configuration and the bucket seats of a sedan, settling on the low side with seating that optimizes visibility and dash controls access. At 3,000 lbs of curb weight and an overall wheelbase of just 106.3 inches, the Trax stays nimble, but don’t mistake it for a sporty SUV; a 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine paired with a 6-speed transmission to deliver a sensible 137 hp and a slightly more impressive 162 lb-ft of torque.

Still, buyers in this category tend to stay realistic. Despite the Trax’s capable powertrain, the benefits of modern styling and well-equipped interiors with room for occupants and cargo outweigh the lack of off-the-line acceleration. Motor Trend applauds the Trax’s value proposition, calling it “stylish” and “compelling,” and Chevy estimates it’s in an ideal position to earn third place in the list of best-sellers after the first-place Silverado pickup and the runner-up Equinox compact crossover.

Because the newest Trax isn’t offered with all-wheel drive, buyers shouldn’t compare it with other SUV-like utes that offer a choice in drivetrains. Instead, the Trax competes with segment outliers like the Nissan Kicks and the Kia Soul. However, from a curb appeal standpoint, it’s obvious which of these three looks the most like a traditional SUV. Both the Kicks and the Soul embrace non-traditional curb profiles reminiscent of a London lorry, while the Trax stays closer to traditional SUV lines.

The black interior and dash of a 2024 Chevy Trax is shown.

Savings at the Pump and the Service Center That Keep Your Cash in Your Wallet

Price-conscious buyers know that value doesn’t end with a low sticker price; they’re looking for low ownership costs and reliability to minimize car-related expenses. The 2024 Chevy Trax is backed by a 3-year/36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty and a 5-year/60,000-mile powertrain limited warranty that covers major vehicle components that cost thousands to repair, like the engine and transmission.

Though Chevy’s warranty isn’t as comprehensive as some of its competitors, the automaker makes up for it with a free first visit for scheduled maintenance. Covered are an oil and filter change, tire rotation, and a comprehensive multi-point inspection. That’s good news for penny pinchers and first-time buyers looking to avoid hidden costs. In this case, that free service visit will save drivers a cool Benjamin.

The Trax offers as-expected fuel economy ratings of 30 MPG combined, or 28 MPG in the city and 32 MPG on the highway. Expect your friends to nominate you as the road trip chauffeur since they’ll have more room in the back seat. Also, expect not to mind since the Trax’s fuel-sipping highway manners will minimize gas station stops (unless you’re traveling with that one friend who needs a break every 30 miles). Be sure to grab the Funyons and beef jerky on your way out of town because you probably won’t be making many stops along the way.

More Than Just Savings: The Feature-Rich Trax Targets Young Buyers

Perhaps the most storied storyline in the all-new Trax’s fairy tale release is the depth of in-vehicle tech available for buyers. Opting for the sub-$25k ACTIV or 2RS trim gets you an oversized 11-inch HD infotainment touchscreen and a smattering of USB-A and USB-C charging ports. Available heated front seats take the chill out of winter morning commutes, as does the standard heated steering wheel. LT, 2RS, and ACTIV buyers can opt for the Sunroof Package and add, you guessed it, a power sunroof, but they’ll also get access to the wireless smartphone charging capability.

Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come standard across the trim range, which begs the question: why don’t all manufacturers offer this low-cost feature? As part of its effort to slate the 1RS and 2RS as sportier Trax trims, Chevy includes a trim-exclusive flat-bottomed steering wheel that evokes your favorite Indy car. All six trims also receive a suite of driver-assist systems, courtesy of Chevy Safety Assist, powered by sensors, radar, and cameras. The systems work together to monitor the area around your Trax, alerting you to potential hazards.

The mark of a truly value-oriented subcompact crossover is the standard equipment included in its least expensive trim. In this case, the 2024 Chevy Trax LS is the entry version. Along with wireless smartphone integration, the LS’s impressive list of standard features includes a 60/40 folding rear seat, an 8-inch HD infotainment touchscreen (most entry subcompacts offer a 7-inch version) with connected services and remote keyless entry. Cloth seats and single-zone manual climate control round out the starter Trax’s included features.

A green 2024 Chevy Trax is shown driving near an ocean.

Balance Fun and Finances With the Affordable Chevy Trax

Chevy’s engineers decided that even the most frugal among us should enjoy what they drive. With the 2024 Chevy Trax, the daily drive is elevated by alluring styling that transcends the category and a value-focused trim range that never goes above $25,000. Technology abounds, which will thrill younger drivers who demand connectivity and smartphone integration. Add the less sexy but wallet-friendly complimentary maintenance visit, and the Trax begins to look like the only option for price-conscious buyers.

Chevy’s David, the Trax, disappears alongside the much larger Suburban, its Goliath, but somehow holds its own among an impressive SUV lineup that maintains its grip on class-leading utes that deliver style, capability, and spacious accommodations. If your plans include buying an entry-level subcompact crossover, or even if you’d consider buying something bigger, you’d be remiss if you didn’t seriously consider the 2024 Chevy Trax. Save money and gain style: it’s a winning formula.