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What Is the Ford Co-Pilot360 System?

Though most drivers are careful and pay attention to the road and the vehicles around them, there are some things that are impossible to prevent without help. That’s why automotive brands have developed safety and driver-assist features since the beginning of the automotive industry, from headlights to rearview mirrors to emergency brakes to self-driving applications. Ford dealerships know that these important features matter to their customers and are happy to point out all the great features that Ford offers its customers, which are bundled together in a standard suite called the Ford Co-Pilot360 System.

With the advent of new technology, research into clean energy solutions, and the push for greener resources to be used, there are many updates from automotive brands every year. One of those updates is to the Ford Co-Pilot360 system, and while it does not apply to all Ford vehicles, it’s important to know what it is, which vehicles it applies to, and if there are available features you might want to add on when you purchase your Ford, whether it’s a truck, SUV, or sports car. If you’ve considered buying a Ford, you’ll want to keep reading to see how the 360 system has changed in the last year.

What Does the Co-Pilot360 System Do?

If you’ve never used the Ford Co-Pilot360 system, there are multiple benefits that you are missing out on. Are you content with the current safety and driver-assist features you use now, or are you looking for something better? Ford’s 360 system is a veritable buffet of both safety and driver-assistance features, with features ranging from a rearview camera to Ford’s BlueCruise. Depending on which vehicle and trim level you choose, you can utilize a wide range of the 360 system features, all of which will help you stay safe on the road, be on the lookout for potential threats, and be comfortable while driving.

Ford’s Co-Pilot360 system was introduced in 2019, and though it has only been active for a few years, Ford has continued to update it with the latest safety and driver-assistance features. You can take advantage of the newest Co-Pilot360 when you purchase a 2024 Ford vehicle, whether you’re interested in the Ford F-150 or the Ford Mustang. If you’ve complained about the lack of safety features in your current vehicle, it’s time to get behind the wheel of a Ford to experience the difference the Ford Co-Pilot360 suite brings to drivers.

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Which Fords Have the Co-Pilot360?

If you’re in the market for a new Ford vehicle, you’re in luck – most Ford vehicles are equipped with at least some of the Co-Pilot360 features. Even the larger trucks, like the SuperDuty and the beloved Ford Bronco, are equipped with the 360 system, though, of course, it will depend on the trim level you choose which of the features you’ll have access to. Ford’s perennial sporty favorite, the Mustang, as well as the Mustang Mach-E, which is the all-electric version of the original Mustang, both come with the Ford Co-Pilot360 system to varying degrees. The Ford SUVs, such as the Expedition, Explorer, and Edge, also come with this exceptional system.

While most of Ford’s lineup has access to some of the Co-Pilot360 system, what really makes a difference in what you’ll be able to use is which trim level you go with. Lower trim levels have a basic package, but the higher the trim level, the more features you’ll get to use. While you may not want all of the available features, it’s a good idea to know which ones you’re most interested in so that you can make the best choice when you choose a new Ford vehicle. Not all features are necessary, but they all work together to help keep you safe and secure while traveling.

What Does Co-Pilot360 Include?

The 2024 Ford Co-Pilot360 system includes the following: Hill Descent Control, a rearview camera, Evasive Steering Assist, the Lane-Keeping System, and Ford BlueCruise. Features included in these systems are Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking, Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, Pro Trailer Back-Up Assist, BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) with Trailer Coverage, and BLIS with Cross-Traffic Alert. These are just some of the safety and driver-assistance features that will make your driving experience safer and more enjoyable. While many of these features are improved every year, there are features now standard across the Ford lineup that had previously not been available at every trim level.

For 2024, all Ford vehicles will now come standard with Adaptive Cruise Control. Whether you’re interested in a Ford SUV or an electric vehicle from Ford, you will be able to utilize this tool. The Adaptive Cruise Control is not only used to control the speed at which you drive but also to allow enough driving space between vehicles to prevent accidents. Also standard across the lineup for 2024 are Traffic Sign Recognition, Reverse Automatic Emergency Braking, and the Lane-Keeping System. This allows many more drivers to access the Ford Co-Pilot360 system, which will help create safer driving conditions.

There’s also a new addition to the 360 system for 2024: the Safe Exit System. This driver-assist feature does multiple things for the driver, including registering if there are bikes, mopeds, and motorcycles in the vicinity that you will need to watch out for. This feature is utilized when the car is in park, which means that every time you leave a parking space, your vehicle is looking out for smaller vehicles behind you.

It will also let you know if you are in danger of damaging your door due to being close to another vehicle, wall, or gate. Exit Warning will alert you with a specific sound so you can proceed slowly and with utmost care. You’ll also see these warnings, both in your side mirrors and in your instrument cluster, ensuring that if you don’t see one warning, you’ll see the other one and hear one as well.

If you have ever been anxious about driving, these safety and driver-assistance features are incredibly easy to use and will help you gain more confidence while on the road. It’s like having an extra pair of eyes on every side of your vehicle, as well as an extra pair of hands for those stressful situations where you may not be able to think on your feet as quickly as you usually would. The Ford Co-Pilot360 system was built to protect Ford drivers in just about every situation, as well as keep you comfortable as you drive.

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Try out Co-Pilot360 System in a New Ford Vehicle Today

Whether you’re interested in driving the classic Ford F-150, a family-friendly SUV, or a sporty muscle car, you’ll want to turn your attention to the Ford lineup in order to take advantage of the Ford Co-Pilot360 system. You’ll appreciate all the features that help keep you practicing safe driving, and you’ll be more relaxed, knowing that if you somehow miss a signal, don’t cover your blind spot, or you’re navigating rough roads due to inclement weather, you’ve got a system that will have your back in every situation.

The Ford Co-Pilot360 system can also be turned off and on depending on the situation, so if it isn’t necessary for every drive, it’s still massively helpful to have. However, when you purchase your 2024 Ford vehicle and experience all that the 360 system can do for you, you’ll want to utilize it every time you get behind the wheel, whether you’re commuting to work, running errands, or going on a road trip. If you’ve been waiting for a sign to get your own 2024 Ford vehicle, this is it.