A green 2024 Ford Edge is shown driving on a highway.

The 2024 Ford Edge’s Standard Safety Features Edge-Out the Competition

Last year, Ford introduced the newest version of its midsize peoplemover, the Edge; this sleek and sporty two-row SUV was given a stylish update with a muscular design that stands out in its class—but Ford saw a need to differentiate the Edge further, and one way it accomplished this is with its standard safety and driver assistance features.

Keeping you and your passengers safe has always been one of Ford’s top priorities, and this can be seen in both the standard advanced driver assistance features of the Ford Co-Pilot360 suite and the other safety systems that are equipped on the 2024 Ford Edge.

A close-up of the front end on a red 2024 Ford Edge ST is shown.

The Ford Co-Pilot360 Suite

The key is providing the Edge with a combination of active and passive safety features. Passive safety features primarily focus on reducing injury to passengers. The active ones—found in the Ford Co-Pilot360 suite—are designed to increase driver awareness, help the driver avoid an accident, or—where a collision is inevitable—reduce the impact. The Ford Co-Pilot360 suite includes…

Pre-Collision Assist

The 2024 Ford Edge comes standard with the brand’s Co-Pilot360 suite of driver assistance technology, which relies on cameras and sensors to assist the driver in staying aware and mitigating collisions. One of the most important features is Pre-Collision Assist, which combines a number of different safety systems to help you avoid an accident.

When you are driving on a crowded highway or a busy city street, you may be presented with a number of potential obstacles. On the highway, stop-and-go traffic will require your full, undivided attention; there are periods when you are bumper-to-bumper and other times when you may be traveling at or near the speed limit. For a commuter on the way to work in the morning or heading home after a long day at the office, there is a good chance that fatigue may set in; if this occurs, you may not notice the vehicle in front of you suddenly brake.

A similar situation can happen on local roads. As you’re driving, traffic lights change the ebb and flow of vehicles—and a bicyclist or pedestrian may overconfidently step off the curb in front of you.

In both of these situations, you have a high probability of collision. The Pre-Collision Assist will alert you to the potential collision so you can step on your brakes and take evasive action. This system also engages the automatic emergency brakes, helping to bring the Edge to a quicker stop; this will allow you to avoid the accident or, if you are too close, reduce the damage caused by the collision.

Lane-Keeping System

Driver fatigue and distraction pose another risk: lane drifting. In the modern age, there are plenty of potential distractions. We may want to change the music on our SYNC 4 system or look at the directions on the 12.0-inch color touchscreen, or our passengers may ask us to adjust the climate control, or maybe we will glance down to check our phone. For whatever reason, you may take your eyes off the road for a second or two, only to find yourself drifting into an adjacent lane.

The Lane-Keeping System consists of three main features. If you begin to drift, you might feel some vibrations on the steering wheel and hear a sound, alerting you to the fact that you have drifted. The system will then use a series of slight adjustments to the steering, using its torque to get you safely back in your lane. Finally, there is a “driver alert” that will sound if you make a number of lane drifts in a short period of time; this is an anti-fatigue cue to suggest you might want to take a break from driving.

Blind Spot Information System

Changing lanes on a busy highway can be a real challenge; other drivers may not let you in or may try to pass you from the right, moving through your blind spot. The Ford Co-Pilot360 system has a way to combat this with BLIS, the Blind Spot Information System, which—when you signal to change lanes—will let you know if there is a vehicle traveling next to you. BLIS will act as extra eyes, letting you know if the coast is clear before you move into the adjacent lane.

BLIS also works when you are backing out of a spot. Each 2024 Edge model is equipped with a Rear View Camera that engages as soon as you put your Edge into reverse, showing you the space behind your vehicle. However, there is always the chance that another vehicle or a pedestrian might be crossing behind you as you pull out. When this happens, the Cross-Traffic Alert feature will sound, letting you know to stop and let the vehicle or pedestrian pass.

Auto High Beams

Driving at night can be a real hassle. If you are traveling down country roads, you may find that natural lighting diminishes considerably. As a result, you will have to keep turning your high beams on and off to illuminate your way without distracting other motorists.

The Auto High Beams on the 2024 Edge take care of this for you. A camera mounted on the windshield scans the road and, if the lighting is inadequate, will turn on your high beams. Once the lighting conditions improve, it will turn them off. Similarly, if it detects another motorist, it will automatically turn off the high beams until the other driver passes (so as to avoid blinding them). With the Auto High Beams, you can focus on your driving and let the Co-Pilot360 handle the headlights.

Adaptive Cruise Control

This available driver assistance feature will make traveling long distances safer and easier. If you are on the highway, you can set the Adaptive Cruise Control to a speed that you feel comfortable with; if a slower driver is in front of you, the system will adjust your speed downward until the other motorist exits your lane or speeds up, and then your Edge will accelerate to return you to your preset speed.

The Adaptive Cruise Control can also help you when you are in a traffic jam. The Stop-and-Go feature will control the accelerator and brakes on your Edge should you get tired transferring your foot between the two pedals. It will also reduce the risk of an accident that may occur by stepping on the wrong pedal. Once the traffic jam subsides, the system will get you back up to your desired speed. A Lane Centering Assist feature keeps your Edge centered when using Adaptive Cruise Control, helping you avoid drifting into an adjacent lane on the highway.

A gray 2024 Ford Edge ST is shown driving on a city street.

Passive Safety Features

One of the auto industry’s biggest concerns is with passenger safety in a collision. Ford has been at the forefront of this over the past century, pioneering such key safety features as crash testing, safety [windshield] glass, and passive lap restraints. These are all things we take for granted today that would not exist had it not been for Ford.

Ford’s commitment to safety is also shown by the numerous passive safety features on the 2024 Edge. For example, there are copious airbags throughout the cabin; these include a safety canopy, side impact airbags, dual-stage front row airbags, a driver knee airbag, a glove box door airbag for the front row passenger, and front row side seat airbags. If your Edge is involved in a severe collision, these airbags will deploy to shield you and your passengers from serious harm.

The Edge also has an SOS Post-Crash Alert System that will automatically turn on the hazard flashers and sound the horn intermittently if you have been involved in an accident where the airbags have been deployed. This will help first responders locate your vehicle.

Low tire pressure can also cause a risk for drivers, as improperly inflated tires can cause a blowout on the highway. This is why the 2024 Ford Edge has a built-in tire pressure monitoring system that will display current readings on the dashboard screen. If one of your tires is improperly inflated, you will get a notification so you can check it for a puncture or add more air. It will also let you know if it has the proper air pressure, as this will ensure you’re getting the best possible handling.

Get Generous Driver Assistance Features With Ford’s 2024 Edge

If you are like most drivers, you are concerned about safety on the road. Ford has you covered with its 2024 Edge, as this model’s combination of active and passive driver assistance and safety features are designed to reduce the risk of an accident while increasing passenger safety in the event that you are involved in a collision.