A black 2024 Ford Edge is shown driving.

The 2024 Ford Edge: The Future of Smart SUVs

The modern world runs on technology. The smartphones in our pockets, the computers we use for work, and even our vehicles now are all connected. In today’s world, the average driver needs the most technologically advanced vehicle possible to stay connected, informed, and safe while on the road. This is especially true for those with families, as those with younger children always want to be in the know and ready for anything when on their journeys. There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the 2024 Ford Edge for this reason. Touting plenty of tech features that deliver on all these fronts and more, this new version of the Ford Edge is certain to create a whole new meaning for the term “smart SUV.”

Wrapped in technology both inside and outside, the 2024 Ford Edge promises to keep drivers connected like never before. With compact and streamlined technology that allows drivers to keep tabs on their vehicle and their surroundings in the most responsive way possible, this Ford Edge is setting out to be the most technologically advanced SUV there is. But its relationship with technology isn’t limited to the safety and connectivity features it comes with. The 2024 Ford Edge also sets out to have a close relationship with the technology drivers bring along for the ride, such as smartphones, laptops, and more.

The 2024 Ford Edge promises to include highly advanced features on all fronts, not just its technology. Many of the Ford Edge model’s updates this year come in the form of cosmetic features, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in performance and convenience features that help to make it highly practical in addition to technologically advanced. It is because of the Ford Edge model’s highly intuitive performance features that it is such a fantastic and often adventurous vehicle for families. Peace of mind and sturdy performance are of the utmost importance in a family vehicle, and with this model’s advanced technology and mechanical features, the 2024 Ford Edge is sure to be highly popular among modern families.

Quality of Life Technology

The Ford Edge has always been proficient on the front of convenience. With the various features that the 2024 model brings to the table, this new iteration of the Edge brings that to the next level. When fully decked out, the Ford Edge keeps drivers connected and ready for anything in a way that other SUVs simply don’t, which is one of the main attributes that makes this vehicle so special.

With available wireless smartphone charging capability, the 2024 Ford Edge is intuitive and convenient when it comes to keeping your tech charged. Taking advantage of the wireless charging capability of the vehicle frees up the standard USB and USB-C ports that can be found in the front and back of the vehicle, keeping all the tech you bring for the journey at full battery. The Ford Edge features a multitude of smartphone connectivity methods, such as the FordPass software. With the FordPass app on your smartphone, you can access key vehicle features right from your phone, such as starting the vehicle, locking and unlocking, checking the status and location of the Ford Edge, and more.

The 2024 Ford Edge also features the highly advanced SYNC 4A connectivity system, which makes various audio streaming services, navigational systems, and even the owner’s manual available at the touch of a button. This system is capable of receiving remote software updates on the fly so that you’re always working with the most innovative and up-to-date software available. All of the 2024 Ford Edge’s software and technology features are streamlined and compact so that they are always readily available, even on the go, and can be accessed with minimal distractions.

The black interior of a 2024 Ford Edge is shown, including the wheel and dashboard interface.

Advanced Tech that Keeps You Safe

The minds at Ford are very aware of the fact that a family SUV’s most important attribute is safety. That’s why the Ford Edge specifically has always been fitted with the most advanced safety features that can be found in any vehicle so that families can take on their busy schedules with peace of mind. There are lots of ways that the 2024 Ford Edge keeps families safe, which is why this new model will surely be at the top of parent drivers’ lists going into 2024.

The highly responsive and convenient 12-inch vertical infotainment system affixed to the 2024 Ford Edge model’s center console isn’t only for entertainment and navigation. It also helps to make the SUV as safe as can be, with a rear-view camera that ensures backing up and parking is always a breeze. The Ford Edge also comes standard with the Ford Personal Safety System, a suite of safety features that serve as a line of defense of sorts for drivers and passengers when on the road. This suite includes features such as a passenger airbag status indicator, making it easy to determine if it is safe for riders to sit in the front passenger’s seat. A front crash severity sensor helps to determine the extent of damage in an accident scenario so that you can get as much information as quickly as possible. This works in tandem with an SOS-Post Crash Alert System, which automatically signals to those around you that you are in need of help.

The 2024 Ford Edge also has an available Ford Co-Pilot360 safety suite of technology that really takes advantage of the vehicle’s next-generation technology. This suite features a pre-collision system that detects potential hazards, helping to avoid potential accidents. Blind spot monitoring and lane-keeping assist features help you to keep tabs on your surroundings and stay alert while on the road. Automatic emergency braking senses incoming obstacles and automatically applies brake pressure if you haven’t already so that you always have a cushion of protection, no matter what.

Safety and Connectivity Have Never Been More Convenient

Smart technology is what makes the world go round in today’s day and age. Ford, as a brand, has always placed a high priority on constant innovation and advancements in all things concerning their vehicles. That is why they are such a shining example of an automotive brand that is doing everything they can to make a world that is more connected, more streamlined, and far safer. Ford vehicles afford drivers power, convenience, and endless innovation, and the Ford Edge has always been a particularly excellent example of this. The 2024 model of this vehicle harbors some incredible strides on various fronts, which is why we’re confident it’s going to be wildly popular with families in the coming year.

Connectivity has never been more convenient than it is with the 2024 Ford Edge. Its responsive and easily accessible technology ensures drivers are always taking on their journeys with the most up-to-date information possible. Keeping those in the back seats entertained throughout the ride is easy and seamless, requiring minimal distraction while going about your tasks. Thanks to the 2024 Ford Edge’s innovative vertical infotainment system, controlling various services in your SUV has never been easier, making it all the better for families. The Ford Edge is an SUV that keeps drivers in control, and with the developments that the 2024 model posits, this SUV is sure to keep families going no matter what they have to take on.

A blue 2024 Ford Edge is shown driving.