Ford SUVs You Can Depend On

So you’re in the market for a new vehicle and you are trying to see what kind of deals your local Ford dealership has to offer you. The question is, what kind of vehicle are you looking for? A car, a truck, or an SUV? If you were thinking about buying the latter, this is the right place for you. In this article, we will break down the differences between the SUV and CUV Ford model trucks on the market and take a closer look at the pros and cons of each one.


The 2018 Ford Edge was the highest ranked Ford model on U.S. News’ 19 Best Midsize SUV list, coming in as the fourth-highest-ranked SUV on the list. The Edge was given an 8.5 out of 10 by U.S. News’ 22-point evaluation system, half a point higher than the Flex and a full point higher than the popular Explorer. The Ford Motor Company states that the Edge “offers technologies designed to transform your driving experience.”

These technologies include active park assist, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping system technology, a front 180-degree camera, adaptive steering, and a blind spot information system with cross-traffic alert. The 2018 Edge comes with two engine options, a 2.0L EcoBoost® engine, and a 2.7L EcoBoost®. Both engines are solid, but the 2.7L has more power and is a bit sportier. The EcoBoost® engines deliver performance and fuel efficiency that are a perfect fit for an SUV.

Starting at $29,220, the 2018 Ford Edge is priced in the middle of the average range of midsize SUVs on the market. On another positive note, the Edge’s steering and handling is quick and easy, similar to the handling of a midsize sedan. The cabin is roomy and quiet, and the attention to detail in the design does not go without notice. The Edge’s fuel efficiency is above what’s expected for the size of the vehicle. The infotainment system and smartphone integration are very user-friendly and designed for convenience.

On the downside, reviews from car experts have exposed a few shortcomings worth mentioning here. The transmission is said to be slow to shift. According to Marty Padgett, editorial director for The Car Connection car review blog, the seats of the 2018 Ford Edge leave a lot to be desired. They are flat, in need of more cushion, and pale in comparison to other Ford models. Consider upgrading the seats if you believe that the Edge is the right fit for you.


The 2018 Ford Flex was ranked number 14 in midsize SUVs, with a score of 8 out of 10 on U.S. News’ 19 Best Midsize SUVs. Of the three Ford models on the list, however, the Flex seemed to have the most downsides for consumers. According to Cody Trotter, a reviewer for U.S. News, there are many things to like about the Ford Flex, but several of the SUV’s rivals offer the same positives as the Flex without all of the negatives.

Though the Flex’s cabin is spacious and roomy, and plenty of cargo space is available, the interior still falls short because of the subpar seating that is offered, which can be uncomfortable for passengers on long road trips.

The Flex is upgradable to a V6 turbocharged EcoBoost® engine. All models come with the user-friendly SYNC 3 Infotainment system, which can be accessed through your smartphone. The Flex seats seven, and the cabin is very spacious while still offering plenty of cargo space for a midsize SUV.

The 2018 comes with fewer standard features than many of its rivals on the market. In fact, they even removed features that used to be available, such as the rear-seat entertainment system that used to keep the kiddos occupied while you handle the driving. The Flex’s fuel efficiency is also subpar, meaning you are going to be spending a lot more on gas than you expect if you choose the Flex. The Ford Explorer, which is ranked lower than the Edge, is outselling the Edge at a ratio of 12 to one. This disparity is probably because the Explorer has more name recognition and is one of the more popular Ford models, but the Flex is still the superior SUV.


The only other Ford model to make U.S. News’ 19 Best Midsize SUVs list is the 2018 Ford Explorer. Despite being the most popular Ford SUV model, the Explorer was given a ranking of 7.8 out of 10. The Explorer has always been a solid SUV and a trustworthy name, but the market is now flooded with many more SUV options than ever before, and the 2018 Explorer simply doesn’t have any new and exciting upgrades that make it turn any heads in a highly competitive market. Of course, the Explorer still makes its sales numbers, just based on brand recognition alone, but the model really needs an exciting new class to separate itself from the other mid-priced domestic SUVs on the market.

One of the main disappointments about the 2018 class of Explorer is that it offers no new features or upgrades from the previous year. It’s basically the same SUV as the 2017. You know the old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” and perhaps due to sales numbers and customer satisfaction, Ford decided to skip upgrading the model this year. However, when there are so many brands out there that have added an SUV line to their selections, the competition is passing the Explorer by. In 2019, look for Ford to make a splash with new upgrades to the Explorer to try to keep the name at the top of the list of brands that people think of when they think of SUVs.

Other Models

Ford has quite a few more SUVs to choose from other than the Edge, Flex, and Explorer, but these three models got the most recognition of all the Ford SUVs on the market in 2018. Here are a few honorable mentions. The smaller, yet affordable, Ecosport is a fun new model that is worth looking into. Starting at just under $20,000 the 2018 Ecosport seats five and gets 27 to 29 miles per gallon. A cool new feature is the optional upgrade SYNC Connect, which turns the Ecosport into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. The Escape was built with convenience in mind. It’s elegant and simple as well as great for a road trip or camping adventure. The odd-looking Transit Connect looks like a bus and an SUV had a baby, and it has tons of interior space for carpooling or hauling cargo. The massive Expedition is a beast of an SUV, offering power, space, and luxury similar to a Cadillac Escalade.

Of all of Ford’s SUV options, the Edge is the one that stands above the rest. The Flex and the Explorer are also viable options with their own perks. Of the domestic options available on the market in 2018, the Ford Edge is the obvious choice. Test drive one today to see if it works for you.