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The 2018 Ford Explorer vs. 2018 Chevy Traverse

2018 Ford Explorer vs. 2018 Chevy Traverse


When shopping for an SUV, an uneducated buyer might assume that they are all the same. But when comparison shopping, an educated buyer looks very closely when deciding which vehicles are the best. The type of things these buyers look for: horsepower, cargo room, and fuel economy are top of the list. It’s also common for car buyers to opt for the car that has style as well as substance. When comparing the two, it might seem that the 2018 Ford Explorer vs. 2018 Chevy Traverse are neck and neck. However, closely compared, the Explorer often seems like the better option. Price point is the conclusion most buyers come to. When making the final decision, there is a matter of thousands of dollars to consider between a base model with many amenities and a top-of-the-line trim with the same qualities as the lesser vehicle.


2018 Ford Explorer


The first important thing to note is that the 2018 Ford Explorer, the V-6 engine comes standard. This provides the power and pick up that many SUV owners crave. This engine has a very high EPA-rating as well, for those who are fuel-economy conscious. An SUV is powerful enough with just a V-6, but if buyers want to, they can upgrade to have the option of the twin-turbocharged engines in the Sport and Platinum models and are thrilled with the amount of acceleration now possible. This speed and acceleration is due to the 290 horsepower available and allows for an exciting amount of torque: 255 lb-ft! This is great for hauling and off-roading alike, which is something many SUV owners require.

2018 Chevy Traverse


Buyers of this model will be excited to learn that the 2018 Chevy Traverse does have standard all-wheel drive, but they have the get The High Country version. Still this option on an SUV can usually run another $2000. The High Country is the trim that most buyers will want to opt for, because it makes buying a Traverse worth the investment. Still, with AWD, testers were tentative to drive it off-road, citing the vehicle didn’t seem fit for it. The engine is quiet however, they noted when testing it on-road and it can get up to 70 mph reasonably quickly.


2018 Ford Explorer


The top-of-the-line Platinum is considered one of the highest quality interiors on the market. The 2018 Ford Explorer interior design was built not just for style but for safety, security and ample amounts of space. These spacious accommodations make for one of the more comfortable rides and testers insist that the rear and front seats are comparable in their level of necessary comfort. The Platinum interior can also boast a massage function in its seating, increasing the level of available comfort the Explorer has to offer. And of the best parts: the legroom and headroom are massive, blowing many of its competitors out of the water. The cargo space and storage rating overall amounts to four stars. You can find the most room behind the third-row seat. Designers wanted to add those little touches, so now there are plenty of bins and cubbies stashed throughout the 2018 Ford Explorer’s interior for all of those small items in tow.

2018 Chevy Traverse


The 2018 Chevy Traverse has a wheelbase that’s grown two inches longer than its predecessor. It also saw improvements in width, length, and height. You can tell just by looking at it from the outside that this is a big SUV crossover, one of the biggest. But does that amount to more space? Unfortunately, testers found the third row not to be as accommodating as other models in its class and note that the third seat almost appears as if it was wedged in. And while Chevy boasts that the interior can hold a maximum of seven passengers, at least one of those passengers is bound to not get the maximum amount of comfort. The spacing between the rear seats is simply inadequate compared to the 2018 Explorer.

If you really want that extra space, you would have to swap out the rear seating for an eight-seat configuration, with the three-seat bench in the rear. This requires getting a less luxurious model at a lower trim level that has less equipment and cloth seating.


2018 Ford Explorer


The infotainment rating for the 2018 Ford Explorer is 4 stars! That’s because critics and buyers alike are raving amount the new Sync 3 infotainment system. The words they use to describe it are “intuitive” and “snappy.”  This system can connect up to 10 devices, with the all-too-necessary 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot. The huge touchscreen can help you back up with the 180-degree parking camera. It also has an array of apps that can all be activated with voice recognition. It also comes equipped with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Siri Eyes Free. And the navigation system’s maps are fully detailed. The 390-watt, 12-speaker Sony audio system, is only enhanced with available satellite radio and Bluetooth streaming audio.

2018 Chevy Traverse


Most versions of the 2018 Chevy Traverse can boast plenty of equipment, and critics recommend investing in the top-trim High Country, which does, in fact, have it all. But the cost is steep to get all that you might require: $52,995. Critics feel this price point should be unnecessary, as many other models have these technological advances standard. They are also displeased with how Traverse tends to cut corners still. Though the Traverse has dual sunroofs the driver is forced to open them manually. Also, many of the interior adjustments that are required for more space can be obtrusive and clunky. A couple of pluses: automatic stop and start is now standard, as well as many active safety features that seem indispensable on other models. Overall the standard 2018 Chevy Traverse lacks many technological features that come standard on the Explorer for almost $20,000 less. There’s no denying that’s a huge factor in making the decision between these two models.

2018 Ford Explorer vs. 2018 Chevy Traverse – Who Wins?

Overall, it’s clear that across several categories the 2018 Ford Explorer comes out the winner against the 2018 Chevy Traverse. However, if you’re looking to purchase either of these SUVs be sure to see them in person at your local dealership!

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