10 Things to Know About the 2018 Ford Edge

In 2006, Ford decided to get a little press for itself in the form of a first generation crossover SUV. The company called their newest mid-sized vehicle “Edge”, and that’s exactly what Ford got with its unveiling at the Detroit Auto Show: The edge on the competition and in top car and driver publications.

Fast forward, and the Ford Edge has solidified itself as an attractive SUV that rates highly among Ford devotees. Though it’s only in its second generation, the Ford Edge has evolved considerably in the past dozen years. In fact, the 2018 is by far the manufacturer’s strongest offering to date.

Want to know some insider hints about the 2018 Ford Edge before you head to your nearest Cincinnati Ford Dealership to take one for a test spin? Below are 10 fast facts that will take your Edge knowledge from zero to 60 in no time flat.


It’s not a total gas guzzler.

When many people think “SUV”, they immediately envision themselves going to the gas station several times a week. Not quite, especially with the 2018 Ford Edge. It boasts a very reasonable 26-29 MPG on the highway, which is about the same as plenty of cars on the road. City miles hit closer to the 18-20 MPG mark, but are still pretty acceptable for a mid-level SUV with tons of room.


It offers a reasonable price.

Starting at just south of $30,000, the Edge isn’t going to break the bank. Even if you add some bells and whistles, you’re not going to feel too much of a pinch. This makes it affordable for families who might not be able to go too big, but who are tired of packing all their kids’ gear — not to mention the kids themselves — into a sedan. In other words, Americans “in the middle” will appreciate its economical cost and doable monthly payments.


It has styling some consider European.

If aesthetics are important to you, check out the 2018 Ford Edge. Reviewers are claiming that this Ford model is quite reminiscent of vehicle design from across the pond. Whether or not you agree, you’ll notice that it does have a particular type of confidence and authority. Is it because of a European design? You be the judge when you take one for your first spin.


The cabin is quiet.

Have you ever ridden in an SUV that sounded more tough-as-nuts than luxury? People everyone are amazed at how silent the Edge is. Not only will you be cloistered from the noise on the street around you, but you’ll appreciate how little you notice the engine. Of course, if you have kids, you’ll want to get them ear-buds and handheld devices to ensure a constant peace!


The SEL trim is turning heads.

You can opt for one of four trims for a new 2018 Ford Edge, one of which is SEL Sport Package. Not surprisingly, it’s a pretty nifty package. You can change both the interior and exterior cosmetically to fit your desired appearance with the SEL. However, you can also add other features including headlamp bezels that have been blacked out and 19″ wheels.


The cloth seats were chosen on purpose.

Think that nothing can get smarter than a leather interior? Obviously, you’ve never lived in an area of the world that gets blazing hot all the time. Supposedly, this is why Ford decided its 2018 Edge models would have cloth seats instead of leather versions. But make no mistake: This is the techno-savvy cloth that’s beautiful, soft, and breathable. You’ll be cushioned for short and long rides by fabric that befits royalty.

The cabin has gotten a subtle upgrade.

Ford apparently listened when consumers said that they wanted an updated feel in the next iteration of the Edge. Little has been spared in terms of comfort and accessibility, although the leg room could be a tad better in this mid-sized SUV. Still, with generous cargo space and an interior that’s inviting — unless you’re super tall — it’s hard to complain about the upgrades in style.


All safety ratings are decent.

It hasn’t won any awards yet for being the safest SUV in its class, but the 2018 Ford Edge holds its own in safety ratings and tests. This will add a much-needed amount of peace of mind to consumers who prefer function over form. In this case, they get the function they demand without losing a drop of aesthetics.


Drivers will like the responsiveness.

What could be a stiff, upper-crust ride certainly isn’t in the Edge. In fact, it’s been noted for its terrific handling across the board. Most test drivers and reviewers rave about its crisp delivery on the road. All-in-all, the Ford Edge is proving to be a winner whether you’re cruising on the turnpike or going across town for groceries.


Its knobs handles, and gadgets are user-friendly.

Have you ever gotten into a new vehicle and been totally perplexed by the buttons and knobs in front of you? The Ford Edge has a more intuitive design that helps guide you to what you need without constantly having to look in the owner’s manual for assistance. This includes all the technology and infotainment software embedded within the edge computing system.

Time for an Upgrade From a Previous Edge?

Drivers who fell in love with a past year’s Ford Edge but who want to drive an SUV with less mileage and a better warranty may find the 2018 exactly the right choice. Although it hasn’t changed much over the past few years, its subtle differences are just enough for Edge aficionados to notice.

Never gotten behind the Edge wheel? It’s worth taking this one out to see if it’s the right choice for you and your family. Be sure to ask about any incentives that Ford is offering on this 2018 model. Now is the time to snag serious deals before the 2019 models are released.