Man Creates Top-Notch Video to Advertise Girlfriend’s Used Honda

If you’ve previously sold a vehicle, you may find that it’s tough to get much traction on your purchase. After all, you’re presumably competing with hundreds of similar offerings, and it’s unlikely that your vehicle has any notable feature that will separate it from the pack.

However, one seller recently came up with a clever way to sell his girlfriend’s vehicles, using some common car-selling techniques as a basis. Continue reading for some advice, whether you’re looking to sell a used Honda in Louisville, or whether you’re looking to sell a used pickup in Boston. Ultimately, this individual ended up selling their vehicle for more than their asking price, and this could all be attributed to a bit of creativity:

Reddit user u/maxlanman was recently looking to sell their girlfriend’s 1996 Honda Accord. Predictably, the pair found that there wasn’t a very robust market for this specific used car. As a result, the Reddit user decided to get a bit creative. The individual ended up making a high-quality commercial for their particular offering, using many of the same elements of a traditional car commercial (including excellent cinematography). Considering that these commercials are often reserved for newer, much-more-expensive (and desirable) cars, the commercial ended up being more tongue-in-cheek, which ultimately contributed to the fact that the vehicle went viral. Take a look at the commercial below:

Ultimately, while the user’s girlfriend was initially only seeking less than $500 for the used Honda, she ended up earning several thousands of dollars for the ride. While the duo may have been slightly underselling the reliable mid-1990s Honda, they still ended up making a whole lot more money due to the clever commercial.

The next time you’re looking to sell your aging ride, consider opting for a clever advertising technique. You never know: this strategy could lead to you making some extra dough at the end of the day.