Safety First: How GMC’s Super Cruise Works

With the help of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), driving is now easier and safer than ever. Sensors constantly monitor a vehicle’s surroundings to identify potential hazards and react accordingly. Although some refer to this tech as “self-driving,” it still requires humans in the driver’s seat for full participation. No automated system can replace human […]

Tech Talk: The 2023 Kia Forte

Compact cars offer plenty of advantages, from being nimble on roads with twists and turns to fitting into snug parking spaces on busy streets and offering excellent fuel economy thanks to their lighter weight. Drivers of these small yet mighty vehicles know that the phrase “bigger is better” isn’t always accurate. And just because a […]

Ford: Known For Safety

At your local Ford dealership, you will find plenty of tough trucks, roomy SUVs, and comfortable sedans. Above all, this brand makes vehicles designed for families, commutes, and regular hard use. One of the biggest priorities for a growing family when considering a long-term automobile purchase is safety. This is one area Ford does not […]