A black 2023 Ford Expedition is shown driving on a city street.

Does Your Family Need a Vehicle for Excursions and Expeditions? You’ll Want This Ford

Is your family looking for a new vehicle? If you have younger children, you need some space as they grow, and they will want the freedom to move around. You might be looking for a vehicle with a few bonus features, but primarily you are looking for something practical, something that can serve as a commuter, a chauffeur for family dinners out, or a comfy space in which your child and their friends can ride to a game, a birthday party, or the movies.

There are plenty of vehicles out there that advertise being family-friendly, but do they stand up to this claim? Cramped seating, little to no control over temperature or lighting in the back of the vehicle, and very little cargo space do not make a family vehicle. So when you look for a family-friendly vehicle, you want something sturdy and versatile, with plenty of features for everyone – like the 2023 Ford Expedition.

For a good reason, the classic American brand, Ford, has remained at the top of the charts. They have high-quality workmanship, a long-standing customer care tradition, and all the best in new tech and safety features. When you think of your family expeditions and all the memories you want to make, picture it all happening in the 2023 Ford Expedition.

The tan and black interior and dash of a 2023 Ford Expedition is shown.

Interior Size, Cargo Area, and Seating

The 2023 Ford Expedition is a full-size SUV, which means it has three rows of seats and plenty of space for everyone’s electronics and other necessities, as well as room to get cozy. Depending on which configuration of the Expedition you choose, you can elect to have the standard seven seats or bump it up to eight by replacing the two middle seats with a bench. Each row has over three feet of legroom, plenty for adults and growing children.

Regarding the cargo area, you have a choice in how much you have, depending on if you are utilizing the second and third rows as seating space. If you want to use only the cargo area and have all the seating available, you still have 19-20 cubic feet of space to work with. Don’t need a third row for the trip? That will bump your cargo area to 57-63 cubic feet, a vast jump allowing extra sports equipment, camping gear, or a giant shopping trip. Concerned that you will need more space? You can fold down the second row, too, giving you over 104 feet of cargo space for a holiday tree, multiple pieces of luggage, or the new pet your family wants.

Safety Features

Safety is most likely at the top of your list of all the concerns you may have when considering a new family vehicle. What features do you want? Are there features available on the vehicle that you want to add? And which safety features are beneficial when driving around with a car full of children?

The 2023 Ford Expedition is no slouch when it comes to safety. A plethora of security features come with various trim levels of the Expedition, including many that are specifically to help keep your children safe: three-point safety belts for every seat, a Safety Canopy System (yes, for all three rows!), the Lower Anchors & Tether Anchor System (LATCH), and of course, rear-door child-safety locks.

The LATCH system is especially helpful for younger children seated in car seats and booster seats. The LATCH system allows for the car seat or booster to be secured to the vehicle without a seat belt, a safer design for both front and back-facing car seats and the booster seats. The Safety Canopy System is built to protect all three rows in case of a rollover or sideways crash and pairs with the airbag system to keep your entire family safe.

A red 2023 Ford Expedition is shown driving on a bridge.

Entertainment Features for Young Children

Safety and space aside, you will need something to keep the kids entertained as you drive over the mountains and through the woods to your grandmother’s house. Luckily, the 2023 Ford Expedition can also be packed with high-end entertainment features, like the FordPass Connect with a 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot. Your kids can play on a phone or tablet and access online games, educational videos, or streaming services to keep themselves entertained. There is also a wireless charging pad and USB ports for each row to charge their electronics the old-fashioned way.

You also might be interested in higher trim level features like SiriusXM Radio with 360L, a 22-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system, and HD radio for all your music needs. Play late-night lullabies on the way home, or sing holiday music with the rest of the family. You can also plug your phone in and listen to the family’s favorite podcasts, playlists, and audiobooks.

If you want to ditch the handheld electronics but want to offer your children a form of entertainment, you can add the available Dual-Headrest Rear Seat Entertainment System, which comes with Amazon Fire TV. With so many shows and films to watch, your kids will never be bored.

A family is shown packing bags into the cargo area of a blue 2023 Ford Expedition.

Practical Features for Adults

While entertainment features are great, the practical features that make driving easier are probably at the forefront of your mind, but how do you keep everyone comfortable? What if you need just a bit of extra space but need some of the second or third-row seating? This is where the 2023 Ford Expedition shines.

Incredibly versatile, the 2023 Expedition’s third row can be installed with the 60/40 Powerfold Seat that includes a power recline and, in some cases, power-folding head restraints. The second row can be configured with Power-Folding Tip and Slide Seating, or 40/20/40 Power-Folding Tip & Slide Seating, making it easier for everyone to load up, unload, and relax.

The Cabin Particulate Air Filter is a boon for those with seasonal and pet allergies. This system can filter out the tiniest specks of dust and pollen from the atmosphere, making allergy season less of a challenge for those suffering. With the Tri-Zone Electronic Automatic Temperature Control and Rear Auxiliary Climate Controls for the second and third row, everyone can manage the flow of cool or warm air to their comfort level without impinging on anyone else’s comfort.

In addition, the 2023 Ford Expedition can be had with 15 cupholders, a cargo protector, four 23V powerpoints, and a 110V/150W AC power outlet for your entertainment and snack needs.

The Ford Expedition was Built for Families like Yours

Whether you need more space for growing kids, a bevy of additional safety features, or you are looking for a practical vehicle that can be utilized as a family vehicle, the 2023 Ford Expedition not only meets your needs but blows expectations out of the water. As one of the most spacious full-size SUVs on the market, it is perfect for little ones, tweens, and teens and has many entertainment features that will keep everyone happy. It is an incredibly comfortable, customizable vehicle that will take you and your family where you want to go while you have fun doing so.

Suppose you daydream of owning a vehicle large enough to fit family and friends and any cargo that might come along. In that case, that also allows everyone to feel safe and comfortable; with plenty of options for high-quality entertainment, the 2023 Ford Expedition will fit your family like a glove.