A black 2023 Ford Expedition is shown parked next to a frozen lake while a parent and child walk towards a hockey game to join.

The Supersized 2023 Ford Expedition – Big Enough to Take on the Competition

There are plenty of things to love about the 2023 Ford Expedition, but its biggest feature is at the top of the list––its size. The Ford Expedition is a goliath-sized SUV, only further exaggerated by the extra-long wheelbase of the MAX trim options. Whichever trim you choose, you are sure to get a spacious SUV with ample cargo room. There are other larger-than-life aspects to the Expedition as well, such as its massive power potential, the extensive list of features, and the trim designed to take on some of the biggest off-road challenges. With so many great features, it’s easy to see why the 2023 Ford Expedition makes such a big splash.

Immense Power With Epic Capabilities

To start, there are ten trim options, including four MAX trims, and they are the XL STX, XLT, XLT MAX, Timberline, Limited, Limited MAX, King Ranch, King Ranch MAX, Platinum, and Platinum MAX. All trims, with the exception of the Timberline, come equipped with a 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine that produces 400 horsepower and 480 lb-ft of torque. The Timberline trim comes standard with a 3.5-liter EcoBoost High-Output engine that bumps up the power to produce a best-in-class 440 horsepower and 510 lb-ft of torque. For more options, both Limited trims can be equipped with the High-Output engine as well. The EcoBoost engines are mated with a ten-Speed SelectShift Automatic Transmission for precise and smooth shifting.

Big power isn’t the only thing that is exceptional about the Expedition; so are its capabilities. All Expedition trims, with the exception of the Timberline trim, which is a 4×4, come standard as rear-wheel drive but can be equipped with a four-wheel drive system. The Control Trac four-wheel drive system can lock the rear axle, forcing both wheels on the axle to turn at the same speed. This is ideal for off-roading or rough weather and increases control and safety.

To optimize performance and get the most out of your four-wheel drive system, an Intelligent four-wheel drive with Terrain Management System is also available. This system allows you to choose from seven different drive modes, each equipped to best handle certain changes in terrain and weather. Improve towing and hauling, prioritize fuel efficiency, or gain some extra traction for that demanding terrain. You also have the option to switch between two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.

When properly equipped, the Expedition MAX trims can handle up to 9,000 pounds of towing capacity. For colossal towing, the regular wheelbase Expedition with four-wheel drive can tow up to 9,200 pounds. The rear-wheel drive option bumps the towing capacity to 9,300 pounds, which is as high as this model can go.

A family is shown packing bags into the half-full trunk of a blue 2023 Ford Expedition in the woods.

Scads of Cabin Space and Cargo Volume

The Expedition is available in varying sizes, ranging from a two-row SUV that seats up to five to a three-row SUV that can seat up to eight. The second row consists of either a 40/20/40 split bench seat with a manual reclining fold-flat seat for easier loading and storage of cargo, 40/20/40 Power Folding seats with a Tip and Slide feature for easy access to the back row, or Power-Folding Captain’s Chairs with the Tip and Slide function that provide a roomy and comfortable space for second-row companions.

For those trim options that offer a third row, it consists of a Power Reclining 60/40 PowerFold Seat, and there is also an available Power-Folding Head Restraint option. The Power Fold function makes it super easy to utilize cargo space so you can decide between toting passengers, goods, or both. The typical Expedition wheelbase is 122 inches, and the MAX option bumps this up to 131 inches, providing even more room to laden with whatever you choose.

Passengers of the Expedition get to enjoy a whopping 171.9 cu.ft. of space or 172 cu.ft. in a MAX trim. That’s more than enough space to spread out, stretch your arms and kick back. When you are in need of space for things rather than people, the second and third rows fold for an impressive 104.6 cu.ft. of space or a hulking 121.5 cu.ft. in one of the MAX trims. This puts the Expedition MAX ahead of many of its competitors and their cargo and passenger volumes.

The Timberline – A Trim of Brobdingnagian Proportions

The Timberline trim is the rough-and-tumble sibling in this Expedition line-up. The Timberline is prepared for just about anything that the great wide world can throw at it. To make sure you don’t get stuck while exploring, the Timberline trim offers a best-in-class ground clearance of 10.6 inches. Plus, as part of the Timberline’s Rough Road Suspension, the SUV also comes with upgraded shocks and terrain-specific tuning. But it doesn’t end there.

The Timberline’s Anti Lock Brake System comes with a unique feature called Ford Trail Control. The ABS is matched with sensors that monitor the wheels, and if the sensors determine a wheel is locking up, it will apply the brakes with more vibrato to keep the wheel from slipping. This helps when going over rocky or uneven terrain, which is also where the extra exterior protection comes into play as well. The Timberline trim is equipped with skid plates and underbody protection to keep vulnerable and integral components safe when going off-road.

Another feature designed to improve the overall trail life is the addition of front tow hooks, which are exclusive to the four-wheel drive models. The Timberline trim, along with other top-end trims, includes Zone Lighting, which can be customized to light up specific areas of the perimeter for both safety and convenience. This could especially come in handy when stopping on dark trails or camping.

A family is shown camping with a set up white and gray trailer and black 2023 Ford Expedition Timberline by a lake.

The Timberline is one of the three-row trim options and is the only trim to come standard with Ford’s unique ActiveX upholstery. This special material has a high-end feel while also offering stain-resistant protection for your vehicle. The material is easy to clean and sturdy and has a unique look for this particular trim that includes Deep Tangerine seat stitching to play into the fun and adventurous spirit of the Expedition Timberline.

Although, it should be noted that any of the Expedition trims could easily handle trails, especially when sporting the four-wheel drive system. While the Timberline has a best-in-class ground clearance of 10.6 inches, the other trims have up to 9.8 inches in ground clearance, trailing not too far behind the Timberline. Even the approach and departure angles on the remaining trims are respectable, ranging from 23.3-24 inches for the approach and between 21.3-22.2 inches for the departure, which is sufficient for taming unpaved roads and tough trails. For a bit more aggressive terrain, the Timberline has an approach of 28.5 inches and a departure of 23.7 inches.

Go Big or Go Home

The 2023 Ford Expedition is a luxury yacht on wheels. Its grand size matches its grand features, which pair nicely to provide a truly one-of-a-kind driving experience. The Expedition wears many hats, offering towing, hauling, and off-roading options without leaving out those with a family-band-sized tribe.

The Expedition’s EcoBoost engines, available Intelligent four-wheel drive with Terrain Management System, and available MAX trims are just a few things that set this SUV apart. You can go big and go home in any of the Expedition trims, and with the adventurous Timberline option, going big is even easier. It is hard not to see the appeal of the long-running Expedition line, especially since the 2023 model is the epitome of what an SUV should be, perfectly meshing utility with comfort.