A grey 2022 Ford Expedition Stealth Performance Edition is shown driving during a 2022 Ford Expedition vs 2022 Toyota Sequoia competition.

2022 Ford Expedition vs 2022 Toyota Sequoia: Which Is the Better Family Adventure Vehicle?

Traveling with the family can be hectic, especially if the journey consists of trails, nature, or loads of time spent in the vehicle. That’s why not every off-road capable vehicle is right for a family, and if you’re wondering which options available are perfect for road trips, off-roading, exploration, and more, two come to mind. The Ford Expedition and the Toyota Sequoia have long been recognized as the ultimate family transporters, especially when adventure is concerned, marked by spacious interiors and loads of thrilling capabilities. When you take the 2022 Ford Expedition vs 2022 Toyota Sequoia, are they really that different, or are they both perfectly capable of delivering an exciting ride on the road and beyond? It will become obvious that one far outshines the other, able to offer an all-around better ride with more features every modern family desires, so see which vehicle is our favorite when it comes to the ultimate family adventurer.

A green 2022 Ford Expedition Timberline is shown parked at a campsite during a 2022 Ford Expedition vs 2022 Toyota Sequoia comparison.

Off-Road Expectations

Not every family enjoys an outing to the mall or movie night at home. Some families want a little more excitement in their lives, which is where the perfect adventure vehicle comes in to save the day. Whether the weekend consists of propelling through mud puddles on the trails or gliding over desert sand, navigating rocky mountain roads or kicking up dust in the wilderness, the vehicle that accompanies these escapades is crucial. Not only does this vehicle need to be capable of traversing more treacherous terrain, it must also offer features to make the experience even more exhilarating.

The 2022 Ford Expedition has a leg up on the competition with the unveiling of its newest off-road-ready model, the Timberline. Not only does this incredible model exhibit remarkable talent on the trails, but it’s also a class leader in many areas of off-road exploration. Its new High-Output 3.5L EcoBoost V6 provides it with a best-in-class power of 440 horsepower, while its more rugged design delivers best-in-class ground clearance of 10.6 inches. In addition to its commanding presence, it’s also outfitted with all the features to make any off-road adventure more exciting, including a reinforced skid plate, an enhanced suspension system, 32-inch all-terrain wheels, and state-of-the-art Trail Control technology. This groundbreaking tech effortlessly operates its braking and throttle systems to provide it with maximum control on any type of terrain; plus, with class-exclusive trailering tech, hauling the camper anywhere is pleasantly simple.

While the Sequoia has been around for as long as we can remember, we’re disappointed to say that there’s not much new with the 2022 model. It still offers off-road features designed to whisk families away for weekend adventures; however, it’s reported that the ride on uneven terrain is quite uncomfortable and rough. You’ll find that the Sequoia is outfitted with TRD-tuned shocks and a ¼-inch thick aluminum skid plate to protect it from the elements. Its 5.7L V8 engine isn’t as powerful as rivals, like the Expedition, only offering 381 horsepower, which has the potential to impact the excitement of any adventure. All in all, the Sequoia is long overdue for an upgrade in every possible way, but especially when it comes to off-road expectations.

Cabin Space

Anyone traveling with a family knows how important it is to be able to accommodate everyone on board, as well as all the gear they’re bringing along with them. Thankfully, there are large-scale travelers out there to accommodate these needs. From roomy interiors to features designed to heighten the comfort of the drive, it’s evident that the Expedition and the Sequoia were built to offer families the means necessary to embark on any type of journey, all while enjoying the ride.

Redesigned for the 2022 model year, the interior of the Ford Expedition is clearly made for the adventurous family. With room for eight, the Expedition offers spectacular space, not only for passengers but also for gear, with a maximum cargo volume of 121.5 cubic feet with its MAX model. Its Cargo Management System allows for better organization of everything on board, with fold-flat seats, abundant storage cubbies, and more innovative cargo solutions inside. Perhaps what’s most impressive with the newest Expedition is its revitalized interior style, accentuated by available leather-trimmed seating, third-row power-reclining seats, and more upscale elements within. There’s no doubt about it; one look at the Expedition’s interior cabin, and you’ll be met with unmatched versatility, coupled with fierce style.

Like the Expedition, the Sequoia also accommodates eight, with comfort features, like second-row captain’s chairs, a standard moonroof, and more cozy elements inside. It offers up to 120.1 cubic feet of cargo space to handle anything that’s coming along for the ride, plus an available automatic power liftgate to make loading and unloading the Sequoia easier. Cup holders, cubbies, and other storage solutions dot its interior, as well as a dual-level glove compartment to store valuables. Although the Sequoia offers families what they need to sit back and relax on any adventure, it’s evident that the interior materials are a bit outdated because it is due for a redesign.

A silver 2022 Toyota Sequoia is shown towing a trailer down a desert highway.

Road Trippin’

For some families, it’s not the trails that are calling; instead, it’s the open road. This means that the ideal road tripper needs to be able to offer stellar performance, in addition to extras required to make for a better ride. The 2022 Ford Expedition does just that, and if towing a camper or trailer is on the agenda, rest assured that this capable vehicle can handle it with precision. Its class-exclusive Pro Trailer Backup Assist 2.0 technology ensures maximum control over its haul, paired with a 360-degree camera for enhanced visibility, no matter where it’s traveling. It’s able to tow up to 9,300 lbs when properly equipped, making it easy to venture off to the campground for a weekend getaway into nature.

The Sequoia is also designed to be a dedicated road tripper, yet it falls short when it comes to capabilities and power. Only able to tow up to 7,400 lbs, families will be limited on what they’re able to take to their adventure destination. You also won’t find the arsenal of trailering tech that’s found in the Expedition, which may make for a more stressful drive, especially when hauling a camper or trailer on a busy highway. Again, the Sequoia is long overdue for a makeover, which is starting to really impact what it offers to families who are seeking out more excitement in their travels.

2022 Ford Expedition vs 2022 Toyota Sequoia

It’s pretty obvious that the Sequoia falls short in more than a few key areas when it comes to what a family is looking for in their adventure vehicle. The Expedition just performs better on the trails with its rugged build and class-leading capabilities while offering a comfortable and functional experience for all on board in its spacious and well-laid-out interior cabin. It also provides exceptional towing abilities, enhanced by class-exclusive technology to add more control to any haul. The Sequoia just can’t keep up with its outdated design and disappointing ride, especially when it’s traveling on uneven terrain, as well as its lack of towing power and overall tech. In order to keep up with the demands of a modern family, vehicles need to offer fierce capabilities on the road and off, comfortable and flexible designs, and power that can allow them to venture into nature with agility, which is exactly what’s found in the 2022 Ford Expedition.