Another Bright Idea from Jeep!

When I think Jeep, I think legacy more than innovation. Sure, the brand has created a considerable range of unique models since the advent of the Wrangler during World War II, but the utilitarian aspect of these vehicles calls to mind reliability, consistency, and an appreciation for the more bare bones beauty associated with the […]

Chevy Takes Care of its Truck Lovers

With all the choices the automotive marketplace has to offer, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Let’s face it – expectations and technologies remain consistent for automakers and so it’s hard to know how to really differentiate one from another. Safety ratings are regulated, fuel economy is scrutinized and monitored by the EPA, so how do […]

Maserati – What’s in a Name?

Leave it to the Italians. Shakespeare’s ill-fated Romeo famously declared, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Well, if that’s true then what’s in a name? In the automotive world, cars are all about connotations. Certain names – brands – are associated with wealth, luxury, power, respect, and even fame. Few brands embody […]

New Car Smell is Overrated

It’s such a cliche, but seriously, who doesn’t love that new car smell? Although it’s hard to define exactly what makes up that unmistakable aroma, slipping into a new car, or one that’s immaculately maintained, conjures up feelings of accomplishment, pride, and a clean start to the day. Most of us enjoy that new smell […]

The Modern Mercedes Edge at Foothill Ranch

When it comes to keeping current and constantly evolving with the ever-changing automotive industry, your Foothill Ranch Mercedes Benz dealership is well paced. Only seven years old, this dealership was founded on fresh ideals that leave pushy sales and stressful negotiations in the past. Instead, what all customers should expect when visiting Foothill Ranch is […]

Nine Benefits Backing Certified Chevy Cars

Traditionally, the used car shopping experience was fraught with unreliable vehicles sold by untrustworthy salesmen. More often than not, customers felt pressured to purchase a used vehicle that was less than dependable at a price that exceeded their budget restrictions. But that moment in the motor vehicle realm has, it seems, finally passed. What remains […]