Used Luxury Vehicles are Stunning Features by Ashton Martin Summit

Aston Martin Summit Features Stunning Used Luxury Vehicles

Aston Martin Summit is your dealership destination for luxury cars sold and serviced by outstanding customer service professionals.

Big news for those of you shopping for used BMWs in the Summit, New Jersey area, as Aston Martin Summit is among the newest factory authorized Aston Martin dealerships in the country. Celebrating two years in business, with ambitious plans to expand further already underway, Aston Martin Summit is your location for luxury cars.

Sister to Smythe Volvo, the Aston Martin Summit dealership is poised to continue the legacy created by the Flanagan family in 1966 when Smythe Volvo first opened its doors. Building off a proven reputation of integrity, family values, trust, transparency, and fairness, Smythe Volvo was named the National DealerRater Dealer of the Year in both 2013 and 2014. It won’t be long before Aston Martin Summit starts garnering similar accolades.

How do we know?

The Proof is in the People – Unmatched Customer Service Awaits at the Summit

Outstanding customer service is at the top guiding principle of Smythe’s business philosophy, so who better than a Smythe Volvo employee to set the course for Aston Martin Summit?

With more than a decade of experience at Smythe Volvo, and more than eighteen years of industry experience, Steve Bergamo has assumed the position of General Manager for this Aston Martin-Flanagan Family Enterprise. It’s Bergamo’s experience as a Smythe Volvo employee that will distinguish the team at Aston Martin Summit from competing brands and dealerships.

According to Kevin Flanagan, Owner and President of Smythe Volvo, “Steve is a highly motivated and competent leader. He innately understands the Flanagan way of treating customers. This has been self-evident in his customer service excellence over the past ten years as an employee of Smythe Volvo.”

In addition to that glowing endorsement, the numbers don’t lie. With Bergamo at the helm, Aston Martin Summit took the number eleven spot for sales in the United States – an impressive feat for a dealership’s first year in the competitive car business.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Bergamo is already managing renovations to the facility, which are set to begin next month. His vision? To create the largest among the newest freestanding Aston Martin dealerships in the United States. He projects that this endeavor will be successfully realized by the first quarter of next year.

Luxury that is Like New…

While not all consumers are in the market for a brand new Aston Martin, Aston Martin Summit will be an ideal destination for consumers looking to purchase a used or certified pre-owned car from a high-end, luxury brand, including Aston Martin, but also featuring models from Audi, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, and MINI.

In addition, Aston-Martin Summit offers used and pre-owned certified luxury sports cars and SUVs from brands like BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, and Porsche.

Why Buy a Used BMW from an Exotic Aston Martin Dealership?

So glad you asked. As a brand, BMW represents the best in reliability, safety, value, and style. Naturally, buying a used vehicle from a stellar brand like BMW affords you all of those attributes, but at a more affordable price.

Leave it to a dealership that features such high-end, luxury models like Aston Martin to know top-tier quality. Only the very best used BMW models, handpicked by Aston Martin’s highly-skilled, selective staff, will even be considered for sale on the Aston Martin Summit lot. It takes a keen eye to pick a winner, and the Aston Martin sales force has the sharpest eyes in the industry.

Think about it this way…A BMW dealer will have a bevy of used BMWs, regardless of their condition. At Aston Martin Summit, the sales team has neither time nor interest in anything less than the best. That’s how you’ll know that your used BMW from this competitive inventory will truly be an outstanding used BMW model. Expect pristine ownership histories and the lowest possible mileage to accompany all used BMWs purchased from Aston Martin Summit.

Timeless Luxury Backed by Family Legacy

Whether consumers are looking for a brand new luxury vehicle, or opting for something that has already been loved and appreciated, Aston Martin Summit will deliver the ideal vehicle, backed by a time-honored family tradition of doing business.

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