The 8 Best Interior Features of the Lexus IS

There are lots of luxury sedans that come with an array of features but suffer from being overpriced or poorly designed.

It’s a major disappointment when you realize you’ve invested in a vehicle that has everything you thought you wanted, except for actual comfort and convenience.

Avoid that mistake altogether by opting for a Lexus. Their lineup offers plenty of plushness and the latest in technology. Their vehicles are made to be relaxing and user-friendly so drivers feel fully satisfied.

The IS 250, which you can get with either two-wheel or four-wheel drive, is the perfect example. It’s an extremely popular model because it’s priced reasonably, and it demonstrates incredibly high quality craftsmanship.

The sedan’s cabin will make you feel like you’re visiting a spa, and it will transform your daily commute from drudgery to decadence. Whether you decide to buy a new or used Lexus IS 250, you won’t be disappointed.

Just take a look at the interior features you’ll be able to enjoy. The exquisite IS 250 just makes life simpler and lovelier.

Remote Access

The IS 250 offers remote keyless access so you can quickly lock or unlock your car doors from outside the vehicle.

And with the available remote engine start feature, you can also get the car running before you even leave the house. That gives your dual climate control system enough time to warm the vehicle up or cool it down for you.

The other handy thing you can do remotely is operate your power windows and power sunroof. Does it look pretty hot outside? Roll down the windows ahead of time.

Did you leave the sunroof open because you forgot about those pesky afternoon rain showers? No problem. You can close it remotely without even having to walk down the driveway.

Push Button Start

Leave your keys right in your pocket or purse and forget fussing around to find them. When you approach your car and touch the handle, the door will unlock.

Once you’re inside your IS 250 , you can start the engine with the push of a button. It’s such a hassle to mess around with a big keychain, especially when it’s cold outside.

Don’t bother with that anymore. Look for used models with remote start or make sure you add the feature to your new IS.

It’s very convenient and takes away a lot of stress when you’re rushing out the door to get to a meeting or pick up your friends for dinner.

Comfortable Seats


The IS 250’s 8-way power front driver and passenger seats can be adjusted to your perfect level of comfort. Each bucket seat provides lumbar support to make sure your back remains cushioned during long treks.

You can also get heated and ventilated seats so you can find just the right temperature. And with leather upholstery, the soft, upscale surroundings will make you feel like royalty.

User-Friendly Controls

2013 Lexus IS 250 Steering Wheel

The IS 250’s leather steering wheel comes equipped with all of the controls you need right at your fingertips.

You can adjust audio settings or turn the cruise control on or off without it being a distraction. When you purchase a model with the optional navigation package built in, additional steering-wheel mounted controls are available.

Premium Audio

Are you a music lover? If listening to your favorite tunes is what gets you through the day, The IS 250’s sound system will make you smile.

It comes with multiple speakers; some models have up to 13. There’s also a subwoofer in case you’re all about that bass.

A radio data system shows you information about what you’re listening to, and you can also program it to scroll critical traffic updates if your commute is typically a challenging one.

The stereo comes with an adjustable speed sensitive volume control which increases loudness as you accelerate and brings things back down when you’re traveling at lower speeds. Overall it helps to keep sound within the cabin well balanced.

In addition to having the ability to scan your regular radio stations, the IS 250 also provides access to satellite radio. Enjoy specialized channels that play your favorites all the time.

On new models, a 3-month satellite radio subscription is included with your purchase, and you also have the option to sign up if you by a pre-owned model.

And when you just have a hankering for a particular song, you can use a USB or auxiliary port to hook up your own device and listen to tracks from your playlists.

Navigation with Bluetooth


With Lexus’ navigation package, you get an number of incredibly convenient features. First, enjoy the available 7-inch touchscreen with its remote touch pad.

The display not only allows you to get directions, but a backup camera is also incorporated to help you stay safe when driving in reverse. The screen changes over automatically as soon as you start to back up.

When the system is in navigation mode, you can enter your destination and pull up step-by-step directions. For safety reasons, you cannot use the touchscreen to alter your route while driving.

However, with the quick push of a button on the steering wheel, the system will allow you to use voice commands to change your destination.

A Bluetooth hands-free phone system is also part of the package, so you can check in with whoever you need to using your car’s built-in microphone and speaker.

Again, simply push the button on your steering wheel to access, and then use voice commands to place a call. You get to stay connected while driving without running the risk of being distracted by a phone. It’s convenience and safety all bundled into one smart system.


Trying to find something you need or touch up your makeup in the car at night is always a challenge. It can be especially frustrating if you’re on a trip and spending a fair amount of time in a vehicle.

The IS 250 makes things more convenient by providing dual illuminating vanity mirrors. Fix up your hair and get all straightened out without having to light up the entire cabin.

Another great lighting feature that’s excellent for lengthy trips is the IS 250’s set of front and rear reading lights.

They offer focused illumination in one area of the car so passengers can catch up on magazines or get organized without disrupting the driver’s concentration.


Not being able to see your surroundings clearly is a problem that causes many car accidents. That’s why Lexus designed the IS 250 with several features that maximize your visibility at all times.

The sedans’ electrochromatic inside rearview mirror automatically darkens at night so you don’t get blinded by other cars’ headlights before remembering to flip your mirror. With this feature, you don’t have to do any flipping at all.

The side mirrors are also heated so you don’t have to worry about frost impeding your ability to see the traffic around you.

Your safety and the safety of your passengers is one of Lexus’ big priorities. And it’s the fine details, like mirrors that maximize visibility, that give you added protection moment to moment.

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