Top 3 Best Used Toyotas Buyers Can’t Ignore

Quality.  Reasonable.  Practical.  All these words are used to describe not just Toyota but also their customers.  Toyota appeals to the market of consumers who care most about being a smart educated consumer.  Top that with the fact that Toyota’s are reliable and conservative, like most of America, and you get why Toyota consumers remain steadfastly loyal.

Used Toyotas have been able to enjoy life for quite a number of years after their first owners have traded them in.  Some of the longest running cars in America are Toyota’s.

In fact 80% of all Toyota’s sold in the last 20 years are still on the road today.

As a testament to their craftsmanship, engineering and design, Toyota’s resale value rarely depreciates.It can be said, without any hesitation, that a Toyota is always a sound investment.  When looking for a used Toyota, NH dealers have plenty to show you.  Let’s take a look at the top three best used Toyota’s to get a better idea of how amazing they still are.


2013 corolla

A Brief History

Being one of the best selling cars of the 1970’s having made its debut in the late 1960’s the Corolla has been a mainstay in America’s driveways for almost 50 years now.  It is the oldest in Toyota’s lineup today and was the first Toyota made in America.

The first generation Corolla was introduced into a market where the common perception was that Japanese made products weren’t as good in quality as American.  Even though the Corolla was made in America, Toyota is a Japanese company.  They had to work hard to overcome the preconceived ideas of the time.

It’s first generation original tiny 90” wheelbase two door coupe was expanded on by a couple inches for the introduction of the second generation in 1970.  Adding automatic transmission was a plus as it quickly became the second best selling car on the planet.  From there it continued to take off for the next couple decades.  Keeping in true Toyota fashion,  only minimal and conservative changes took place every couple of years.

It quickly became recognized as “the World’s Most Popular Car”.  Clearly the Corolla was and still is a good choice.

Best Years to Buy

the 2009-2013 is tenth generation of Corolla and has retained so much value it is by far the best years to buy used.  Only a bit larger in size than its most previous generations, the tenth offered a bit more space in the trunk, head room and for rear seated passengers.   Toyota has always stayed true with the Corolla model which is to blend in with the crowd and given that’s what worked the last forty years or so, why change now?

When looking at purchasing a used Corolla, price, fuel economy and reliability are your top qualities you won’t have to worry about.  You already know Corolla is going to deliver on three.  While you know you won’t be getting any grand bells or whistles, but you are nostalgic for the fun that only driving a manual transmission can give, a five speed manual transmission was made for this generation.  You will have to search as not many were made, but there are still some out there to be found.

Find the Corolla you are looking for from this generation and you will be amazed at how long this vehicle will last.


2011 camry

A Brief History

Introduced in 1982, the Camry made its way into the American scene in 1983 and has been making its own path since then.  Its first generation was a midsize family sedan with few trim levels, utilitarian in design and didn’t leave too much to impress.  It wasn’t until 1987 when the Camry would receive its first makeover.  Designed to cater to those who preferred a quiet, smoother ride, upgrades were done to ensure this would remain a constant for the Camry.  The Toyota Camry is the car buyers car.  Reliability and ease abound, the Camry is the epitome of ‘user friendly’ as far as cars go.

Over 90% of all Camry’s sold in the last ten years are still on the road today.

Best Years to Buy

It is pretty unanimous agreed that 2007-2011 are the best years to purchase a used Camry.  About 25 years into the game at that point, the Camry had learned from its past and was giving its consumers exactly what they were looking for in a quality car.  This generation of Camry can still be found in great condition and are well sought after.

Some minor changes were made to the exterior of the car in an effort to add to the already conservative design.

It was also this generation that brought the Hybrid to the table.  The Camry hybrid is a bit more expensive, but offers quite a bit of savings in fuel economy.  Some interior space was compromised for storage of the battery.

This generation brought so much more to the table on every trim level.  A six speed manual transmission was offered in the 2010 model year for those of us who like to add a little more fun to our drive, although I would think twice about that if your commute involves heavy traffic.  Bluetooth connectivity as well as other safety features like electronic stability and traction control became standard on the 2010 Camry.  Anything after this year is going to be improved with extra safety features that become standard on all Toyotas.


2011 rav 4

A Brief Recent History

As the newest member to the ‘best used Toyota’ club, the Rav4 was introduced in 1996.  A little cutting edge at the time of its arrival, the Rav4 was a crossover before crossovers were really a thing yet.  Using the frame of the Corolla, it rode on a car like on fully independent suspension.  Poor handling and slow acceleration, it had plenty to build on but kept is lower and wider frame which provided it with good stability and maneuverability.

Purchasing a used Rav4 still comes with plenty of options even given it’s age. Price wise, the older you go, the less you’ll pay but there are less choices in trims and options as well. Should you be more concerned with fuel economy, a four cylinder choice would be best for you, but given its crossover/SUV appeal the V6’s rear wheel or four wheel drive are all available in different trims.

Best Years to Buy

Anything after 2007 is going to come standard with a whole list full of safety features like electronic stability control, antilock brakes, front seat side and curtain side airbags.  Likewise, 2011 model year and after will come standard with even more safety features and more comfort on trim levels.

It is important to remember that because you are buying a used Toyota, not only are you using the side of your brain that is motivated by reason and practicality, but because you are getting an older model, you can now afford a high trim level.

So go ahead, get the leather interior with the sunroof that you’ve been wanting.

Purchasing a used Toyota for yourself, a loved one, your newly driving teenager is always an excellent choice.  It is not by chance or overnight that a reputation like Toyota’s is made.  It takes a long time of producing quality vehicles, standing by their choices and always improving upon them that such reputations are made.

It is only because their quality continues to be so good that consumers still choose Toyota year after year.

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