5 Reasons to Love the 2015 Genesis Coupe

If there is one thing that can be said about Hyundai its that they work relentlessly on improving themselves.  In 2010 they introduced the Genesis Coupe: a tiny, european-inspired affordable sports car.  In five years of its existence, this fast little vehicle has turned heads at Hyundai dealers in NH and changed ideas of what a superfast sports car can be.

Modest Beginnings

In 2010 Hyundai introduced the Genesis Coupe.  With fierce competition in the sports vehicle world, Hyundai’s goal was to produce an affordable contender that could stand out and stand alone in the fast paced world of sports cars. 

Making an entrance with a base model of 2.2L 4 cylinder turbocharged engine with 212 horsepower, it had an option 3.6L V6 which produced 290 horsepower.  The 2015 now boasts a V6 with 348 horsepower under its hood.   

Hyundai has been working tirelessly to impress sport car enthusiasts with the Genesis Coupe.  I would say it’s been a successful endeavor for them and will continue to be as they promise to progress. 

1. Incredible Styling Inside and Out


Knowing this is a sports car that will be driven, Hyundai’s taken good care to make sure the cabin is as impressive as its exterior even making sure it’s comfort level matches its good looks. 

The cockpit is thoughtfully designed for the driver’s point of view. Realizing that person is someone who likes to drive fast cars but has everyday needs, the 2015 Coupe beautifully encapsulates functionality without compromising style.    

The dashboard is uniquely designed to with minimal distractions to avoid overwhelming the driver or passenger.  All labels are clear to read with a soft bluish backlight illuminating all gauges.  Soft touches to the dash add to the upscale feeling of the interior. 


Upon first glance, it is clear the Genesis Coupe is indeed a sports car.  Small low to the ground with a wide stance; it looks fast. 

It’s low nose and blacked out grill and wide brimmed tires give it the appearance of a shark sneaking up on you.  That’s the lasting impression; aggressive and stealthy. 

The perfectly sculpted front fascia perform both in style and function.  The large openings on the bottom of the grill are also the air intake to cool the engine.  The LED headlights placed on far apart level themselves out to always have the perfect placement on the road to enhance the driver’s visibility.  The LED headlights are also your daylights to remain as visible as possible. 

2. It’s Made For Enthusiasts


You can love the look of a vehicle, even a gorgeously sculpted sports car, but if it doesn’t perform that’s about the most you can do with it.  The 2015 Genesis Coupe was designed not only to out shine in looks, but to make enthusiasts excited.  It has features that allow it to perform at top levels on and off the track.  It uses the best in technology. 

Featuring a 3.8L V6 Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) with Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing (D-CVVT) Hyundai’s found the perfect combination to create low-end torque and high-end power.  Responsive and guttural, this impressive V6 peaks its performance at 348 horsepower.

Six or Eight Speed Transmission

The 2015 Genesis Coupe the only car in its class to boast an 8-speed automatic transmission.  A Shiftronic paddle shift with rev-matching is available for flawless downshifting.  Enhancing the shifting process making it that much easier the steering wheel comes with paddle shifts.

Let’s face it, manuals are just way more fun to drive especially when you can drive them fast.  The 6 speed manual transmission comes in close ration and has been upgraded with a carbon synchronizer for more smooth and precise shifting. 

Warning:  it is possible to have too much fun while driving the 2015 Genesis Coupe. This coupe is fast and zooms right along.  Make sure you are aware of your speed before the police are. 

3. Value Performance Compared to Other Sports Cars

2015 Genesis Coupe

The 2015 Genesis Coupe wins when it comes to handling and suspension.  Where some other performance cars don’t translate from track to road, or have wavering handling, Hyundai has found the perfect equipment to really impress every driver that gets behind this wheel. 

All models come equipped with dual-link MacPherson struts for more precise steering.  To ensure the best coverage on uneven roads, a 5-link, multi-link rear suspension also comes standard on all trims.

The Genesis Coupe has a stronger frame which is more equipped to deal with better handling dynamic responses.  A steel framed chassis provides a stable platform for suspension while calming any extra vibrations that might occur while, ensuring a flawless and comfortable cabin ride.  Gas-pressurized shock absorbers provide firm, consistent control.

Added Torsen limited-slip differential ensures more control and acceleration around tight corners.   19” Euroflange dark-graphite finish alloy wheels and Brembo braking system and this sports car is ready to fulfill its destiny. 

4. Tons of Extra Perks

There are always extra perks to get excited about in a new car and the Genesis Coupe is no exception. 

  • Proximity Key – This golden button is there the aid you in the morning ritual of balancing your coffee cup, purse, briefcase, breakfast and keys before they inevitably fall back into the bottomless pit that is your everyday purse.  To avoid that balancing act from happening, Hyundai put a button on the driver’s side door handle that can sense when your key fob is close to the car so all you have to do is lightly push this button and the drivers door unlocks.  The proximity key is located on your key fob which has to be within certain range of your vehicle.  Each key fob is specific to that car’s proximity key.    
  • 7-inch Touchscreen – Without overcomplicating the interface, which happens far too often, Hyundai kept the dashboard clean with a very simple to understand 7” touchscreen interface.
  • Equipped with navigation and BluLink technology – Blue Link is what keeps you connected to the world while driving.  With the ability to easily activate navigation through Google’s Destination Search, emergency assistance and automatic collision notification are available to keep you safe at all times.  Also, once registered, Blue Link keeps track of your car’s diagnostics and informs the driver via text or email about your car’s scheduled updates.

5. Amazing Trim Levels

Red 2015 Genesis Coupe

The Hyundai Genesis Coupe is available in three different trim levels.  Each trim level is specifically designed to enhance your driving experience giving you the best ride possible. 

The base Coupe is still a beast of a sports car and nothing to toy with.  Starting at $27, 645 this base model dons 18” alloy wheels, heated mirrors, keyless entry and start, automatic climate control, automatic dimming rearview mirror, fog lights and LED running lights and taillights.  Basic features such as air conditioning, trip computer, 6 speaker audio system with iPod/USB and Bluetooth connectivity also come standard on the base model. 

The R-Spec coming in at $30,395 follows the base by adding in 19” wheels, Brembo brakes, stiffer suspension, limited-slip differential, and special front seat side bolsters.

The Ultimate is just that; the ultimate trim model available at $34,295.  Coming with every feature both the base and R-Spec have, the Ultimate also features powered sunroof, xenon headlights, rear parking sensors, rear spoiler, leather upholstery, heated front seats, powered driver’s seat with adjustable lumbar support, aluminum pedals, a 7” touchscreen interface with a navigation system and a 10-speaker 360-watt Infinity audio system. 

There are many reasons to fall in love with Hyundai.  The Genesis Coupe gives you the fastest way to make it happen. 

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