3 Reasons to LOVE the Kia Forte Lineup

For those shopping in the compact car segment, the choices can be overwhelming. With over a dozen choices to consider while looking to purchase a new or used compact, it is easy to miss some incredible vehicles.  The Kia Forte is one of the vehicles in the Kia lineup and compact car segment that is often overlooked. This unfortunate misstep is made all too often by buyers in the compact car category, and as a Miami Kia dealer, we saw the need to remedy that perception.

Why the Forte is Awesome

The Kia Forte has been in production since the middle of 2008, and is actually available in three different body styles. The Forte is the four-door sedan variant, the Forte5 is the hatchback version of the model, and the Forte Koup features a two-door coupe body style.

Kia has made it clear that the Forte was originally produced to appeal to younger car buyers who were attracted to vehicles with sharp, edgy designs. This original intention by the automaker shows through in the Forte’s different body style options, as well as its price tag. Featuring the second lowest sticker price in the entire Kia lineup, the 2016 Forte starts well below $20,000, giving it more stand out credibility in its crowded segment. To add merit to its overall value, Kia has packed the Forte with exceptional standard features that other compact cars on the market offer only as options, or not at all.

3 Reasons to Fall in Love with the Forte

Aside from its low price, exceptional list of standard features, and overall sporty styling, the Kia Forte has a whole lot more to love. Our absolute favorite part of the South Korean automaker’s compact car is its versatility. With those three different body variants available for the Forte, there is no other car in the Kia lineup that appeals to so many unique personal preferences.

With that being said, it should come as no surprise that the three reasons why we love the Kia Forte, are the three different body styles available for the model. Let’s take a look at what each one offers, including trim levels and standard features. We are certain that by the time we are finished, you will feel the same way we do about Kia’s compact car.

2016 Kia Forte Sedan

Kia Forte Sedan

The Forte Sedan was created alongside the Forte Koup for the 2009 model year. Offering the classic sedan styling, the Forte gives off a mass appeal to every compact car shopper, in nearly every age group.

For 2016 the Forte starts off at just $15,990, and with its impressive fuel economy of 39 miles per gallon on the highway, it is one vehicle that will ensure your savings for years to come. The latest model year of the Forte sedan is not redesigned, but it does offer two entirely new option groups for buyers to choose from, as well as two new package offerings. Simply put, this year’s Forte is the most impressively equipped of any previous model year.

  • 2016 Forte LX:

    This trim level is the base offering from Kia, and has that low starting MSRP of $15,990. A 1.8-liter engine sits underneath the hood of the agile compact, and with 4-cylinders, for Forte is rated for 145 horsepower. Projector beam headlights and a remote keyless entry offer a clear convenience advantage in the segment, as these features are not typically standard fare on base compact cars. Also standard on the Forte LX is Bluetooth connectivity, Satellite radio, and steering wheel mounted audio controls. Essentially, the Forte’s entry level model is nothing you would expect for a base compact at such a low price.

  • 2016 Forte EX:

    Still starting under $20,000, the Forte EX is the second and highest trim level for Kia’s compact. A 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine helps this Forte model achieve 173 horsepower, and 35 miles per gallon on the highway. With a little more pep in its step, the Forte EX offers a more agile, sporty ride. LED positioning lights and front fog lights are standard, and help you stay focused on the road even in adverse weather conditions. 17-inch alloy wheels with black accents are also standard, giving the Forte a more substantial presence on the road.

2016 Forte5 Hatchback

Kia Forte5

For drivers who crave a sporty driving experience and a car with an edgy attitude, the Forte5 is a great choice. Starting at just $18,090, this compact hatchback offers better accessibility than the sedan version of the car, and comes loaded with standard features. Try as they might, the competition simply can’t keep up with all that the Forte5 offers at such a low starting MSRP.

Kia includes three different trim level options for the 2016 Forte5, ranging in price and standard amenities. Check them out below.

  • Forte5 LX:

    With the starting price of just over $18,000, the base version of the Forte5 comes with the 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine and 173 horsepower rating. Projector beam headlights, remote keyless entry, and a six-way adjustable driver seat all come standard. Drivers can expect up to 33 miles per gallon on the highway, an impressive number for this particular body style.

  • Forte5 EX:

    Starting at $20,390, the mid-level Forte5 carries the same powertrain as the entry level version of the hatchback, but adds a lot of great standard features. The luxurious leather wrapped steering wheel and gear shift knob, and Flex Steer driver-selectable steering assist, work together to bring an element of comfort when behind the wheel of the Forte5. Standard LED positioning headlights and a rear camera display help drivers remain safe and aware of their surroundings at all times. For its low price point, this hatchback is impressively equipped with features that others in its class simply do not offer.

  • Forte5 SX:

    Featuring the highest sticker price of the three models, the Forte5 SX starts at $20,990. This version of the Forte5 includes Kia’s new 1.6-liter turbocharged engine, which has an impressive horsepower rating of 201. Large 18-inch alloy wheels and a sport tuned suspension give this small hatchback more credibility on the road, while allowing drivers a fun experience behind the wheel. Advanced amenities like perimeter approach lighting, welcomes you to your Forte5 with a soft blue exterior light that illuminates as you approach. The Forte5 also comes with a smart key and a push button start feature, allowing even more convenience for the driver.

2015 Forte Koup

Kia Forte Koup

The sporty coupe version of the Kia Forte is not available for a 2016 model, but the 2015 compact car is just as impressive as the other models in the lineup. With two options to choose from, the Koup attracts those who want the compact car versatility, but who prefer the two-door body styling of a coupe. Check out the two trim levels that this Forte offers, by exploring below.

  • Forte Koup EX:

    Starting at $18,590, the base Koup EX comes with Kia’s 2.0-liter engine and 173 horsepower rating. The leather wrapped steering wheel features audio controls, while the gear shift knob matches the look and is also wrapped in leather. Remote keyless entry allows access to every area of the Koup including the trunk, while LED positioning lights keep the road ahead easily visible.

  • Forte Koup SX:

    The turbocharged 1.6-liter engine sits under the hood of this Forte Koup model, making an impressive 201 horsepower. A push-button start with smart key, perimeter approach lighting, and LED rear combination lights are all standard fare on the Koup SX. Kia adds a rear camera display and it’s UVO eServices infotainment center, all for the low starting MSRP of just $20,590.

The Choice is Yours

It’s time the world stops overlooking the very capable, well-equipped, and affordable Kia Forte. Be sure to give it a chance, and take one for a test drive while you consider which compact car is the right fit for your lifestyle. After all, the only person who can make that choice – is you.

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