Five Reasons the Hyundai Genesis is the Perfect Luxury Car

When considering a luxury sedan, look no further than Hyundai dealerships. That’s right—the Hyundai Genesis offers more bang for your buck when it comes to luxury vehicles.

The Hyundai Genesis is becoming a popular choice for luxury car buyers on account of the fact that the Genesis has much to offer as a luxury car. With a complete new redesign for 2015, don’t miss out on the Genesis!

Here are the top five reasons why the Hyundai Genesis is reeling in luxury car buyers who are looking for a sedan that delivers at a much lower price.

High Safety Rating


While luxury cars have a lot to offer, some of these cars don’t make the highest safety ratings. In fact, many of these vehicles aren’t even tested with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), meaning there’s no sure way to know how well they’ll do in an accident. The Hyundai Genesis boasts a 5-star safety rating, which is a perfect score.

When you’re going to be putting out a lot of money for a high-end vehicle, you want one that delivers on everything you need. This includes technology as well as luxury, style, innovative design, and safety. Why pay so much money for a car that doesn’t get excellent safety ratings?

The Hyundai Genesis’ 5-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration means you can be assured the vehicle has been fully tested by NHTSA and gotten a perfect score.

The Genesis also offers other safety features such as rear cross traffic alert, automatic emergency braking, and lane departure and lane keep assist, so you can be certain you’ll be safer than ever. This means you can test drive a Genesis and know with confidence that it has the highest safety rating possible. What more could you want from a luxury sedan?

This luxury sedan is the first rear-wheel drive sedan to have the best safety rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. With an unbeatable price, the luxury Genesis keeps you and your family safe and protected.

Roomy Interior


With the new redesign for 2015, the Genesis impresses with its new roomy interior. This means your passengers will have more room than ever. This is perhaps one of the biggest aspects that separates the luxury Genesis from its competitors—the fact that you, your passengers, and your luggage all have ample room.

The trunk space is huge and can accommodate everything you and your family need. The Hyundai Genesis is the perfect luxury car because of the space it offers. A luxury sedan isn’t truly comfortable and luxury without room, despite what the plush interior and stylish exterior might offer. Get enough space for your money with the Hyundai Genesis. Having a roomy interior for you and all your guests has never looked so good than it does in the Genesis!

When test driving a Genesis, be sure to check out the trunk space and sit in the rear of the vehicle. You’ll be impressed by how roomy this luxury car is for the price it offers. This luxury car is perfect for families or for you and your friends’ trips or outings with all the space it offers.

Luxury Accents


No luxury car would be truly luxury if it didn’t offer some gorgeous interior luxury accents. This is where the Hyundai Genesis shines. The interior is made of soft warm leather with real wood and aluminum trim. You also have the option to get the matte-finish wood trim in addition to sunshades for rear and side windows and premium leather. The wood trim combined with the aluminum and the leather give this car genuine luxury accents and style.

Heated seats come standard and the front seats come with the support you need to be comfortable and protected during your ride, no matter how long or short it may be. The space combined with the luxury accents of this car make it a one-of-a-kind luxury sedan for you and your family.

Don’t forget the technology features in the Genesis—it’s Lexicon Audio System comes with sound processing, 17 speakers, and pristine audio. This technology is designed to give you the best sound in the space of the Genesis—you may not ever want to leave once you hear your favorite tunes on this system!

These luxury accents are made even better by the technology the Hyundai Genesis offers:

  • Ventilated seats. The Genesis gets air into your seat for when you’re not feeling the heat.
  • Automatic memory system. Integrated to remember two drivers’ settings to make switching drivers easy.
  • Hands-free automatic opening trunk. No kicking or waving anything—this system can sense when you’re standing behind the vehicle and will open automatically for those times you have your hands full.
  • Carbon dioxide sensing system. This first ever system regulates the levels of carbon dioxide in the car and works to naturally get fresh air into the vehicle.
  • High-definition screen. This touchscreen makes navigation a snap with zero lag, an amazing 9.2 inch-screen and everything you need to integrate your technology with your ride.
  • Blue Link. Blue Link allows you to search Google and play Pandora while staying safe on the road.

More for Your Money

Perhaps the defining feature of the Hyundai Genesis isn’t a feature at all, but rather the stunning price that it offers as opposed to other luxury sedans. The Genesis has much to offer for the price that its customers pay. The Genesis comes in well below other luxury vehicles with a starting price of just shy of $39,000.

Getting more for your money is something that no luxury car buyer can afford to be ignorant of these days. The Hyundai Genesis offers the same technology, a better safety rating, and a luxury interior all for a price that’s a whopping $15,000 or more lower than other luxury sedans.

When you can get this much for your money, why would you look anywhere else for the luxury you crave combined with a safe vehicle? Not to mention the Hyundai Genesis offers state-of-the-art technology combined with a stylish exterior that looks just as sharp as it is safe.

Luxury Exterior Styling


Redesigned to provide a slightly longer body, a bigger platform, and a snazzy-looking grille, the Hyundai Genesis wows to bring you the best luxury exterior styling. Its exterior features combined with the luxury interior, technology, and safety rating make this vehicle shine for the price that is offers. The Genesis’ exterior was redesigned to include features such as:

  • Aerodynamic design. The smooth design of the Genesis helps increase fuel mileage.
  • Panoramic sunroof. The roomy interior of the Genesis is further accented by the huge panoramic sunroof on this luxury sedan.
  • Longer distance between wheels. The longer frame and increased distance between wheels gives the Genesis better stability and a smooth, quiet ride for you and your family.
  • Steel Chassis. The high-strength steel that the Genesis features gives you the stability combined with the safety you need.

The Hyundai Genesis has a lot to offer potential luxury car buyers. From its low price to its high-end luxury finishes, the Hyundai Genesis is gorgeous, yet functional and safe. Its safety rating is unparalleled and the technology it offers is no different from other luxury sedans that cost much more than the Genesis.

This is why the Hyundai Genesis is the perfect luxury car.

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