Finding a Great Engine Repair Shop

When you’re trying to find an automotive repair shop that can specifically work on your engine, there is room for compromising quality for price. Engine repair shops are specialized enough, you can’t be willing to settle for just any technician.

Finding the proper shop to fit your needs may not be the proverbial piece of cake. As intricate and important as your engine is, you will want to know that it’s in the hands of the most qualified team of technicians.  

The Search is On….

After all, this is your engine we’re talking about; the brain of your car. You’re looking for a place of quality. You’re looking for a shop where values and trust are still emphasized and important. You want to be able to bring your car in and know you have the best available staff working on your car for your protection.

It’s not always an easy search, but it is worth it. Once you find that repair shop, you aren’t likely to leave. Heaven and hell can part you, but you’ll still find a way to get to them. It may seem odd, to have a trust with someone you only know through business transactions, but these are the people who you put in charge of the safety of your vehicle, your family and yourself. Indeed, the search for great engine repair shops isn’t an easy one, but it is a necessary one.

Finding a Certified Specialist

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This is something you will not want to compromise. Finding a certified specialist will be a priority and luckily enough, it won’t be too difficult to find, especially in today’s world. With so many specialized vehicles that require specific training and government regulations on automotive industry, most garages and shops must have at least some certifications. Obviously, the more they have, the more qualified they will be.

Some keywords you want to be on the lookout for while on your search are: Certified Specialists, i-Car, ASE, or OEM trained. These are nationally ranked programs and certifications which and have extremely difficult and rigorous testing requirements.  

Importance of Education

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Finding an auto body shop or technician with these qualifications will help turn your less than ideal situation into a better one, I mean, you’re not just stopping by your mechanics for a visit. Engine repair is never an ideal situation. But relax, trained technicians know how to handle a fragile situation like this.  

A shop that is recognized by Nationally Certified i-Car, ASE (National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence) or OEM technicians means that they invest in the proper education of their employees. This kind of training is quite expensive. It is a safe assumption that any company that is going to invest in the best trained staff is likely not going to be cutting corners.   

With new advances in technology occurring so frequently, it is easy to become outdated and overwhelmed with newer models. Certified technicians are trained and expected to stay on top of their education so they always on top of new techniques and have more experience with newer models. Also, their recertification depends on completing specific courses in a designated time, so it is in their best to invest the time and money into staying ahead of the technology and competition.  

Choosing a Dealership


Choosing a dealership is going to bring you a lot of the same results that a certified specialist will, as dealerships are certified specialist. So, it begs the question, why wouldn’t you just bring your car to a dealership?  

Many people in this situation would say that you should bring your vehicle to a dealership. Afterall, dealerships are going to have the requirements that you want expect, they are going to be up to date with all newest specs and will be the most qualified to work on your engine.  

So, why do some people still choose not to use dealerships?

If you ask dealers, they will say it’s as simple as apples and oranges. You wouldn’t replace and apple with an orange. Your engine has already been put together the way it’s meant to work. Using any other part just wouldn’t be the same.

Another reason your dealership is a good choice is because your dealership uses brand new parts necessary for the job. Unfortunately, a lot of garages don’t. And while recycling and repurposing is an excellent practice, it shouldn’t have anything to do with your engine.

Certified In OEM

Another rigorous process for any dealership looking to qualified in OEMs, but the payoff is great as customers are likely to stay loyal because of the name. The more brand specific you choose to be with your vehicle, the more you need a dealership that uses OEMs.

The benefits are that you know you are getting the same parts as originally used on your car and they are likely to come guaranteed. The con is that you’re paying top dollar for premium care. Testing for certification is rigorous and isn’t likely to let up. With government regulations becoming more and more strict in the interest of safety, more shops are becoming certified just to keep business.  

Compromise Cost or Quality

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As can be expected of any auto repair shop which is nationally certified, it is going to cost more than most other places. However, remember that you’re actually paying for expert experience from trained professionals. If you’re not willing to take your car to just any technician, why would you be willing to compromise price? If you do this, you’re likely to pay for what you get.

Government Regulations

Because of strict government regulations and scrutiny from consumers to make stronger, safer vehicles with better fuel economy, engineers are under pressure to almost redesign the wheel. Seeking out exotic metals like ultra high strength steel, aluminum and carbon fiber which are relatively new materials require specific construction practices and precise repair procedures.

The specificity of the materials and construction often also require the use of certain and specific tools which your local shop may not have. Investments in such tools and equipment are often found in nationally regulated and certified auto body shops.  

Unfortunately, local garages are less likely to be able to afford the kind of equipment that will be necessary for your car’s specific engine repairs.  

Support Your Local Economy

Please remember that local repair shops still provide an excellent service and are necessary to the framework of local economies. They are dependent on the business of its surrounding towns, so your business matters. If you have a person that your family has been using for generations, or you really happen to trust then it would be bad advice to suggest breaking ties with that person.  

There is an unfortunate truth that while vehicles become more technologically advanced, they require different tools and equipment that are very expensive. More likely than not, your local auto body shop will not be able to afford these new tools and face the chance of going out of business.

Certainly, there are plenty who stay on top of all new education as they see the growing demand for it. The hope that all shops can keep up with new demands is alive in local economies. However, it is important to know when specific attention is required to certain conditions.  

The reality of engine repair, especially in today’s cars, is that they require extra equipment and services to fully restore the vehicle to its previous condition. These are the times in life when you don’t want to be frugal. For all we expect from our vehicles, putting a cheap price tag on safety just isn’t acceptable. Take the time to really choose the correct auto body repair shop. You won’t be disappointed.  


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