5 Reasons Why We Love the Genesis; Plus a Look at Hyundai’s New Luxury Brand

Hyundai entered into whole new territory when it created the Genesis sedan back in 2009. Its first entry into the mid-level luxury market, Hyundai gave buyers a credible option for luxury, without the high end price tag. Today, drivers of the Hyundai Genesis in Charlotte and across the United States are falling in love with one of the most affordable luxury sedans on the market.

Hyundai introduced a restyled Genesis for the 2015 model year, and added standard LED daytime running lights and high-intensity discharge headlamps for the 2016 Genesis. The high quality, reliability, and dependability of the Genesis sedan has earned it dozens of awards and recognition from top automotive institutions in the world.

5 of Our Favorite Genesis Features

Hyundai Genesis 3

Aside from being an all around exceptional sedan with a ton of awards to its name, the Genesis has a long list of other features that make it one of our favorite Hyundai vehicles ever made. After hours of back and forth, we landed on five of our favorite features that the Genesis offers. Check them out by exploring below.

1. Memorable Safety Technology

One of the most memorable aspects of the Hyundai Genesis in all of its years on the market, has been its impressive suite of active safety features. An unforgettable commercial advertising campaign showed off the many safety features that the Genesis has available, including automatic emergency braking, and lane keep assist. Professional stunt drivers demonstrated how accurate these technologies were, and even drove the sedan blind folded to prove its efficacy in real time situations.

The smart cruise control system was also demonstrated during these intense commercial ads, which proved just how accurate the technology was on the Genesis. The Smart Cruise Control automatically adjusts to the proper speed and distance from the car ahead it that the driver pre-selects. In the event that the car in front of the Genesis comes to a complete stop, so does the Genesis – without any driver input. If the vehicle ahead begins moving within three seconds, the Genesis will automatically begin moving safely ahead.

These advanced safety technology systems are what helped the Genesis sedan earn the highest rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, and was the first ever luxury sedan with rear wheel drive to take home that honor.

2. Quality Interior Materials

The Hyundai Genesis may be an affordable luxury sedan, but that doesn’t mean that the Korean automaker left out any attention to detail. If anything, the Genesis exudes luxury and refinement, sporting interior materials like genuine wood trim, premium hand stitched leather, and real aluminum accents. Nothing in the Genesis was designed half-heartedly, and it certainly shows.

3. Truly Affordable Luxury

The 2016 Hyundai Genesis has a starting MSRP of $38,750. The high-end level starts just above $50,000, and includes every bell and whistle imaginable. These prices may seem high when compared to other vehicles in the Hyundai lineup, but the numbers reflected here are certainly below average in the luxury sedan segment. Automotive brands with more “distinguished” names end up costing more money, simply because of the name attached to it. Hyundai may not be known for luxury vehicles, but the Genesis sedan will certainly have you second guessing everything you thought you knew about the brand.

4. Powerfully Smart Performance

Hyundai Genesis

Luxury vehicles are considered luxurious for several reasons. From refined interior materials, enhanced in-vehicle technology, and the power under the hood are all considerations that luxury brands have to make. The 2016 Hyundai Genesis offers drivers two great engine options that are as powerful as they are fun to drive. The base 3.8-liter V6 GDI engine makes 311 horsepower, and manage to achieve 29 miles per gallon on the highway. The upper-level Genesis 5.0 Ultimate features a 5.0-liter V8 GDI engine that is incredibly powerful, and a true performer.

Also an important part of the Genesis sedan’s performance specs, is the responsive eight-speed Shiftronic transmission. Paddle shifters located on the steering wheel column allow for ultimate driver control over every maneuver and turn in the road.

For 2016, Hyundai included the new HTRAC all wheel drive system on Genesis models. The smart all wheel drive system delivers the best driving performance in every type of weather and road conditions. Intelligent Drive Mode comes standard on all 2016 Genesis models, which works by continuously monitoring road conditions and tweaking the engine throttle, transmission shift points, and steering, for optimum control on the road. Eco, Normal, Sport, and Snow modes are all available as a part of this system.

5. Technological Genius

Another element to consider in a luxury sedan, is the technology that it includes. While safety technology is important in any vehicle, it is the convenience technology that drivers are truly interested in.

The hands-free smart trunk on the 2016 Genesis automatically opens when the driver stands within three feet of the trunk with the smart key in hand. Kicking, waving, and jumping up and down to get this trunk to react are not necessary.

One of the most advanced technologies to ever be incorporated into a vehicle, is offered on the 2016 Hyundai Genesis. The world’s first ever CO2 sensor can detect carbon dioxide levels in the cabin of the Genesis, and alert the driver if unsafe levels are identified. At the same time, the CO2 sensor will automatically activate the vehicle’s ventilation system to bring fresh air into the cabin.

Other convenience technology includes a high definition 9.2-inch touch screen display, complete with navigation, a driver information center, and a rearview camera. Drivers can link their Genesis directly to the Genesis Intelligent Assistant App, which allows the driver to see important vehicle information and data in the convenience of an app.

Hyundai’s New Luxury Brand

G90 Rendering

Hyundai has proven with both the Genesis and the Equus sedan models that they know how to do luxury. It should come as no surprise then, that the brand is launching its own luxury vehicle line under the Genesis name.

At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit last month, Hyundai unveiled the G90, the first model to be born out of that new luxury brand. The luxury sedan comes equipped with a powerful 5.0-liter V8 for 420 horsepower and rear wheel drive. The G90 features an adaptive multi-link suspension as well as a long list of premium amenities to satiate the luxury car appetite. Rear power seats, premium audio systems, and more are expected to grace the interior of all G90 sedans.

Hyundai plans to release the smaller G80 and G70 sedans within the next few years, before rolling out an entire luxury brand line of Genesis sedans. Each vehicle looks different from the one before it, making them stand out on their own, rather than piggy-back off of one another.

The Genesis G90 will be in direct competition with premium luxury brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Both of these brands introduced new luxury offerings at the Detroit Auto Show, which means that the competition between the luxury car brands will be stiff in 2016.

The G90 sedan will be available as a 2017 model, and will likely hit dealer showrooms sometime in the middle of this year.

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