A silver 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT is in the desert.

6 Ohio Celebrities and Their Amazing Cars


We all know that a lot of celebrities like to buy incredible cars, trucks, and SUVs – at a certain point, you’ve bought enough houses, and you want something gorgeous to ride around in. A startling number of celebrities over the years have come from Ohio, and that means there are a lot of amazing vehicles tied to them. While you probably won’t see these Ohio celebrity dream cars cruising around in Cleveland or Columbus any time soon, you never know.

A lot of these are part of a larger collection for many of these celebrities, rather than the rides they take out on the weekend or when going to the store. Of course, not all of these folks still live in Ohio either, but they’re all from the Buckeye State, and a lot of them like to return home from time to time. The following celebrities are presented purely in alphabetical order for the sake of simplicity and come from a variety of different backgrounds, including actors and sports stars, but they’re all famous.

Dave Chappelle

A black Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe is parked in front of rocky hills.

Although born in Washington, DC, comedian Dave Chappelle spent summers growing up in Yellow Springs, Ohio and still owns at least one home there. Chappelle is one of the highest-paid comedians in the world, and while he might not have a car collection to rival someone like Jay Leno, he does have at least a couple of gorgeous vehicles. In particular, he owns a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe that is valued at more than $440,000. It is an absolutely magnificent vehicle and incredibly limited, with only a few hundred manufactured in their first year in production.

Chappelle also owns a Lexus LS460, which certainly does not compare with the Rolls-Royce Phantom but is still quite luxurious. I suppose when you own one of the most gorgeous pieces of machinery ever built, you need something like a Lexus for cruising around town or running errands on the weekend. If you do happen to see a Rolls-Royce Phantom somewhere in the area of Yellow Springs, then it’s a good bet that it’s his.

George Clooney

A red 1958 Chevy Corvette is parked with views of green hills.

Born in Lexington, Kentucky, actor George Clooney spent many of his formative years in Worthington and Mason, Ohio. He now lives in England, but I’d still call him an Ohio celebrity and the dream cars that he owns are truly awe-inspiring. As one of the highest-paid actors in the world, Clooney has been able to assemble a jealousy-inducing collection of vehicles to get around in. Starting with a 1958 red Chevrolet Corvette, which is one of the most stunning and impressive vehicles ever produced by an American manufacturer.

Clooney also has a Chevrolet Corvette V8 C1 convertible (noticing a trend here?) as well as a slick Tesla Roadster for when he wants to get around while maintaining his environmentalist image. Not to limit himself to just four-wheeled vehicles, Clooney also has a Piaggio Mp3 250 Scooter and a Harley Davidson on which he has been spotted cruising around on more than one occasion. With a net worth of about $500 million, it’s not hard to see why he has such an impressive collection.

Arsenio Hall

Born and raised in and around Cleveland, Ohio, comedian, actor, and talk show host Arsenio Hall made a name for himself in movie appearances in the late 1980s and with his talk show in the early to mid-1990s. When you first think of Ohio celebrity dream cars, you might picture a massive garage filled with insane vehicles, like what Jerry Seinfeld has, but sometimes just one gorgeous vehicle is enough. That’s certainly my perspective when it comes to Hall and his Porsche Cayenne S.

While some people find the idea of a Porsche SUV a bit off-putting, I personally think there’s nothing wrong with it – and Arsenio Hall seems to agree. His Cayenne S is one of his most prized possessions, and he was spotted driving it throughout the Los Angeles area after buying it. Hall was involved in a minor one-vehicle collision in his Porsche Cayenne S just before Christmas in 2013 but paid about $15 thousand to have it repaired so that he could keep enjoying it. Hard to argue with that kind of love for your vehicle.

A blue 2019 Porsche Cayenne, a popular manufacturer among Ohio celebrities dream cars, is parked in a modern house's driveway.

Steve Harvey

Comedian and TV host Steve Harvey was born in Welch, West Virginia, but his family moved to Cleveland, Ohio when he was just a boy, and he grew up there – in fact, the street he grew up on was renamed “Steve Harvey Way” in 2015. Getting his start as a stand-up comic and then moving on to numerous hosting gigs and movie appearances, Harvey has established himself (and his mustache) as a television icon. His talent and performances have earned him not only fame but a great deal of money as well, which he has used to buy half a dozen gorgeous vehicles.

Particularly of note is the stunning Bentley that his wife, Marjorie, bought for him to celebrate his 59th birthday. Since turnabout is fair play, he reciprocated the gift by giving her a spectacular white Rolls Royce for her 50th birthday. These two vehicles are the crowns of his collection, to be sure, and a beautiful symbol of the love that Harvey and his wife share.

LeBron James

You can’t talk about modern Ohio celebrities or their dream cars without discussing LeBron James, the most prominent athlete in the Buckeye State. Born and raised in Akron, Ohio, James’s commitment to living in and improving Ohio has been an inspiration to a lot of young people throughout the Akron and Cleveland areas. He’s one of the highest-paid athletes in basketball, and his endorsements have made him more than enough money to amass an impressive array of vehicles.

What does he have, you wonder? Well, a Lamborghini Aventador to start off, plus a Porsche 911 Turbo S. If you have already stopped and moved on because the drool was becoming excessive, I understand. He also has a Hummer H2, a Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG, a Ferrari F430 Spider, and a Dodge Challenger SRT just for good measure. And if that wasn’t enough, his incredible collection also includes a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, Chevrolet Camaro SS, and a stunning Maybach 57S.

Steven Spielberg

A black Aston Martin DB9 Volante is parked with mountains in the distance.

When people talk about Ohio celebrities and their dream cars, they tend to focus on actors and sports superstars, but there are other kinds of celebrities too. Legendary director Steven Spielberg, who was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, has made some of the highest-grossing movies of all time. Between his own film earnings, royalties, and other production deals, he is estimated to be worth about $3.7 billion. Needless to say, he can afford a few cars if he wants them.

His collection of vehicles includes an absolutely gorgeous Aston Martin DB9 Volante that is one of the most beautiful cars ever made, along with a Tesla Model S. While some other guys like Jay Leno might have more cars to brag about, it’s worth mentioning that Spielberg also has a Bombardier Global Express private jet and an Oceanco Seven Seas super yacht that he owns. So don’t lose too much sleep worrying about his car collection.