Exciting New Kia Models for 2021

Not so long ago, Kia was considered a brand that made cheap and unreliable cars. Today that is anything but the truth. Although some may continue to scorn the Korean cars, many Kia models now surpass those made by more well-established manufacturers and should be considered by anyone shopping for a new vehicle. The value […]

The 2020 Kia Sedona

There’s a bit of a love/hate relationship when it comes to minivans. If you talk to someone who drives a van, they swear by it. Greatest vehicle purchase they ever made. To others? Well, it’s that vehicle type that is cringe-worthy. Sure, just about every highway traffic jam is due to an early 2000s Chrysler […]

A Brief History of Ford Cars and Trucks

Ford has been developing groundbreaking vehicles since the very beginning of the automotive industry. Ford was the manufacturer that popularized the use of automobiles in the first place, and while there are plenty of other automakers out there, few have a legacy quite like Ford. With over a century of incredible models, it’s easy to […]

Road Warriors: GMC Acadia vs Kia Telluride

Destruction! Mayhem! Carnage! These things and more are what you can expect from this epic battle between two hard-hitting, low-punching, midsize SUVs. Okay, so maybe it will be more like a thoughtful comparison between these vehicles based on specs and statistical figures – but with colorful language about chassis-crushing battle. That’s right – it’s time […]

Is the 2020 Ram 1500 Ahead of Its Time?

Since its debut in 1981, the Ram pickup truck has evolved alongside its competitors to offer maximum towing and payload capacity and other truck-like technology. Still, throughout the years, Ram has seemed to always have its eye on a different path. While its competitors have settled mostly for utilitarian concepts, including the segment-leading Ford F-150, […]