The BMW Sports Car Lineup of Your Dreams

Over the years, BMW has steadily maintained its reputation as a high-quality and prestigious luxury automobile manufacturer. And I’m here to tell you that with the latest model year, the German company has more than exceeded all expectations concerning its branding. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that BMW sports cars are well-regarded around the […]

2021: A Year for New Ford Models

With every new year comes the highly anticipated reveal of new and improved products. Car manufacturers are no exception to this rule, as the latest models are shipped to car dealers nationwide soon after their announcement and launch. Every new model released by the manufacturer offers one or another improvement over the older models, and […]

2021 Chevrolet Blazer

The 2021 Chevy Blazer is the latest incarnation of a rather storied name. First debuting in 1969, the Chevy Blazer was created with the goal of offering competition to popular off-road vehicles of the era, such as the Ford Bronco and International Harvester Scout. Larger than either competitor, the Blazer combined off-road performance with luxury […]