A black 2018 Used BMW X5 is driving through a parking lot with trees and sunshine.

What You Need to Know About the BMW X5

Typically when you think of car shoppers, you’ve got the luxury vehicle fans, who would never be caught dead in a used vehicle, and you’ve got the used vehicle fans, who can’t see themselves fitting into the luxury vehicle crowd. So who on Earth would ever consider buying a used luxury vehicle such as the BMW X5? The answer might surprise you, my friend, and have you running to your nearest used car dealer for your very own used BMW X5.

Savvy car shoppers who are looking to save money are flocking towards used and pre-owned vehicles for many reasons. The most obvious reason, of course, is cost. Used cars as a general whole will cost several thousand dollars less than their newer counterparts – and this number just continues to go down the older the model year. That’s a lot of money! It’s no wonder that even luxury vehicle drivers are opting to buy pre-owned vehicles.

The BMW X5 is a popular choice for used luxury vehicle shoppers, but why? When BMW designed the X5, they did not just design another sports utility vehicle. BMW has labeled its take on the SUV as an SAV or “Sports Activity Vehicle.” The SAVs earned this label because of their unique ability to really combine adventure driving with a sophisticated ride experience, and the X5 definitely does not disappoint.

For one thing, the BMW X5 has superior handling abilities, thanks to a combination of quality suspension and improved weight distribution. This means you can go faster and turn sharper without feeling like you are going to lose control of the vehicle. That, along with the X5’s history of conservative fuel economy, makes BMW’s original SAV a popular choice. If you’re going to go for a luxury SUV and you don’t require the huge amount of space that comes with a full-sized SUV, the X5 is worth considering. And if you’re looking to save money without sacrificing quality, then a used BMW X5 is a practical choice.

Who is the BMW X5 For?

A white 2018 Used BMW X5 is shown from the side on a dirt path.

Because the early X5 model years only seat five, they are not typically considered the ideal vehicle for a large family. However, later model years offer a seven-seat option and extra trunk space, which opens these model years up to a larger demographic. If you want to fit a lot of people or cargo in the back but don’t quite want to enter into the bulk that comes with the full-sized SUV family, this crossover SAV is worth looking into.

But the X5 is not just for families. Individuals also look and feel good in this BMW because it is a luxurious and professional-looking car, without being over the top. Additionally, if you buy your X5 used, you’re saving even more money on this high-end vehicle, and nobody else is any the wiser that you got such a good deal on your investment.

Picture yourself driving into work every morning and pulling into your parking space, between the Lexus and the Acura your superiors drive, without feeling out of place. Now you’ve got yourself a wise investment you can feel proud to drive into work, rather than that clunker car you have been driving since college. And if you buy used, you won’t have even had to break the bank to do so. Next time your co-workers want to go out to eat as a group, you can volunteer to drive without worrying about what they’ll think about your commuter vehicle.

The Evolution of the BMW X5

The first generation of the X5 consists of the years 2000-2006. These years tend to show an X5 with a good combination of horsepower and torque, making for quick and efficient acceleration. By the end of this generation, a powerful 4.8L V8 engine had been introduced, and this, along with the power boost feature, made for an extremely capable vehicle. For example, the 2005 X5 gives drivers up to 355 hp and 20 MPG on the highway, which was pretty good for an SUV from this era.

The second generation brought about the X5’s first diesel engine, which proved to be very popular amongst consumers. And keeping up with luxury expectations, the 2010 BMW X5 came with fancy technological features, including automatic climate control and a beautiful heads-up display. The second generation also introduced the optional third-row seats, thus solidifying its reputation as a comfortable and luxurious passenger vehicle.

The BMW X5’s third generation includes the years 2014-2018. This generation was particularly exciting for drivers because it was the first time the X5 came with a sportier rear-wheel drive option as well as four-wheel drive. And finally, the fourth generation, which began in 2019, is, no question, this BMW’s best generation yet. The 2019 X5 proudly boasts 23 MPG combined fuel mileage, which is pretty good for this class of vehicle, along with 335 hp standard. Of course, drivers and passengers are also pleased with the fourth generation X5’s exceptional rear-seat legroom, not to mention cargo space.

Best Model Years for the BMW X5

A black 2018 Used BMW X5 is driving on a highway past trees.

In the 20 years that the X5 has been around, a handful of models stand out from the rest. The BMW X5 is a good option for anybody searching for a used luxury vehicle they will be able to depend on. However, while you should be able to find a vehicle with a good history and safety rating within any of these 20 model years, there are a few model years that the BMW X5 particularly shines.

Two of the very best years to buy a BMW X5 are the years 2000 and 2005. Despite their age, these years have seen remarkably few customer complaints, and those complaints usually center on the somewhat dated interior features and limited technology. All of the important and expensive parts that make a BMW the ultimate driving machine tend to work just fine for many, many years.

Or if you prefer a newer used vehicle, the BMW X5 model years 2016 and beyond also have a solid reputation among buyers and offer more modern features and technology. In fact, the single most common complaint about these models is the slightly noisy run-flat tires that came on them from the factory. However, buying used means that those tires were likely already replaced with something quieter by a previous owner.

Give Yourself the 5-Star Treatment

Not everybody can afford a brand new luxury SUV, but that doesn’t mean these people should have to miss out on the joys of driving a luxury vehicle. Luxury vehicles are more comfortable, more capable, and tend to have better tech and safety features than competing vehicles. These are features that families and up-and-coming professionals alike can enjoy without throwing their budgets out the window. If you are looking to impress your boss and co-workers with a professional vehicle, but your entry-level salary can’t pull off a new BMW, then perhaps a used BMW X5 is the perfect vehicle for you.

Next time you have to spend your morning commute driving into work, imagine driving a vehicle you can feel proud of. And just think of the savvy business investment you will have made when you end up saving thousands of dollars on your new-to-you pre-owned BMW. A quick trip to the car wash, and nobody will be any the wiser that you didn’t buy your luxury SUV straight off the lot.