3 Pros and 2 Cons About Buying BMW

So you’re searching BMW for Sale, and who could blame you? It would be difficult not to be drawn to the idea of getting behind the wheel of any vehicle bold enough to describe itself as ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’ (especially when that moniker goes largely unchallenged).

But is a BMW truly everything that it’s advertised to be? Nearly every make and model on the planet serves up stand-out attributes which separate it from the pack, but there are bound to be areas where even a BMW finds itself outclassed…right?

At the end of the day, luxury and performance-based brands will inevitably exist to compete with one another. But what sets BMW clearly apart from the likes of Italian and British competitors are the attributes which embrace everything about Bavarian automotive philosophy. Whereas Italian automakers such as Alfa Romeo romanticize form, and Jaguar takes a (very British and) cool approach to function, BMW takes a different approach. Precise. Calculated. Diligently Executed. BMW takes the engineering in its most clinical sense and elevates it to an art form.

Perhaps this is what makes the title of ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’ so easy to accept. A BMW makes no secret of being a machine. Come to think of it, why would it aspire to be anything less than automotive perfection? But in its execution, it transcends to become something else entirely. Boiled down to basics, here are some of the reasons why a BMW is worth considering.


PRO #1: Performance

First and foremost, a BMW is a performance vehicle. This is the constant throughout the entire lineup, whether you opt for the accessibility of the 3 Series to the elite luxury of the 7 series. Well designed marriages of turbocharged engines paired and dynamic transmissions are paired with finely-tuned suspensions to deliver a powerful, yet elegant, driving experience worthy of BMW’s well-earned reputation.


PRO# 2: Quality of Interior

Regardless of which Series and model BMW suits you best, there is a built-in reputation of luxury that one expects in a BMW. Whether you’re up-front to experience a well-crafted driving position, or a passenger looking to embrace a sense of elite comfort, you can expect that every one of your expectations will be met.

As a luxury brand, BMW prides itself on cabin design. This is achieved through careful choice of tasteful materials, and diligence throughout every step of cabin assembly. The result is an unparalleled experience, achieved as a result of thoughtful intention and uncompromising execution. Needless to say, a BMW never disappoints.


PRO# 3: Available Technologies

BMW prides themselves on innovation. This extends beyond automotive technologies, carrying over to integration of countless amenities, driver assistive and safety features that set the bar for other automakers to aspire to. From heads-up displays to interactive voice and gesture control, BMW is a time-proven pioneer in terms of introducing game-changing technologies which are then adapted by automakers for wider integration.

In addition, BMW is one of the automakers who has led the charge in two of the world’s most high profile endeavors: sustainability and autonomy. As we continue to see the emergence of more ecologically responsible vehicles and self-driving technology, one can’t help but appreciate the role played by BMW’s innovation.



Any vehicle choice comes down to very personal decisions as to what fits the unique demands of your lifestyle and budget. From that vantage point, few options are offered up without a list of considerations to offset the benefits. With that in mind, what are the primary issues that might prevent someone from considering a BMW as their next vehicle?


CON #1: Foreign Car Manufacturer

There are a few inevitable truths to owning a foreign car; and of these, one of the most significant is in regard to the availability of parts, and the specialty nature of repair and maintenance. As a result, foreign cars such as BMW’s come with certain considerations of incremental costs.

Granted it’s commonly understood that a BMW offers certain assurances in terms of dependability (after all, it IS the ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’). Bavarian automakers are widely applauded for offering superior engineering designed to ensure longer life and more consistent performance. With that in mind, it speaks to reason to that a properly-maintained BMW is less likely to require repair, negating some of the concern that repair costs on a BMW might be higher than that of a lower-priced domestic offering.


CON #2: Price

Speaking to every point that has come before this, the old adage “you get what you pay for” certainly applies when buying a BMW. As an aspirational vehicle, a BMW represents a refined automotive palate and a genuine desire to be part of ‘something greater.’

Will you pay more for a BMW than an accessibly-priced domestic offering? Of course. But in doing so, you will secure a more powerful, performance-inspired driving machine, designed to offer luxurious comfort and a wide-range of amenities.

But with a surprising number of buying and leasing options made available, a BMW can be more affordable than one might expect. And with a number of specialty financing programs available, a BMW can be the perfect fit for college students and veterans, as well as an ideal basis for a corporate fleet. Ask more about the buying, leasing and financing options that are available to you, and you may be behind the wheel of a BMW faster than you’d think.


Is a BMW Right for You?

At the end of the day, only you can decide if a BMW is right for you, your budget and the unique demands of your lifestyle. As far as options go, the distinctive and tiered nature of BMW’s lineup means that there are a variety of different Bavarian flavors from which you can choose. And with   stronger-than-average resale value, investing in any BMW (be it new or used) is likely to be a wise one.