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Pros and Cons for Five Common Jeep Modifications

If you’ve done any research into modifying your Jeep, you’ve surely come across the same suggestions. At the end of the day, you’re going to find that experts are suggesting the following additions to your vehicle:

  • Cold Air Intake
  • Lift Kit
  • Larger Tires
  • Winch
  • Rock Sliders

However, as a consumer, you might not have any idea how these inclusions influence your Jeep. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Below, we’ve provided some pros and cons for those previously-mentioned Jeep modifications, allowing you to understand the benefits and risks of installing these parts. This will ultimately prove to be useful whether you’re modifying your current Jeep or pursuing a vehicle from custom Jeep builders

Modification #1: Cold Air Intake

Positive: If you’ve ever done the most basic repairs on your vehicle, you’re surely familiar with how important cold air can be. Not only does it play a significant role in combustion, but it can also positively influence your vehicle’s performance. Ultimately, drivers believe that a cold air intake can boost the vehicle’s muscle specs by anywhere from five to 10 horsepower, while some also claim that this inclusion can improve fuel efficiency by one to three miles per gallon. This has a predictable, vicarious influence on performance, as drivers can also anticipate better acceleration and a higher top speed.

Negative: These specific parts are susceptible to water damage, including “hydro locking.” These issues can have devastating effects on your Jeep’s engine, and it can ultimately lead to pricey repairs. Of course, owners are really only in danger if they find themselves constantly traveling through deep mud or water, which probably only happens when you’re off-roading. However, it’s still something to keep in mind, as the cold air intakes benefits aren’t as dramatic as the apparent downsides.

Modification #2: Lift Kit

Benefits: If you’ve ever traveled off-road with your Jeep, you’ve surely come across some natural obstacles that were impossible to overcome. While you’ll never be able to travel over a ten foot rock, increasing the ground clearance of your vehicle will allow you to easily travel over larger objects. By lifting your Jeep, you’ll find that you won’t think twice about traveling over anything that may be in your way. Plus, if you find yourself traveling through small streams, you’ll also be able to avoid any water damage to your Jeep’s mechanics.

Negatives: Lifting your Keep is practical from an off-roading standpoint, but this drastic modification can have a major impact on your vehicle’s performance. For starters, drivers will be operating their vehicle from a higher vantage point, which will surely influence how you perceive the road.  

Modification #3: Larger Tires

Benefits: Similar to a lift kit, a new set of larger tires will also improve your Jeep’s ability to overcome any type of off-roading terrain. The standard set of tires that often accompany the brand’s vehicles are more than capable of driving on dirt roads. However, when you start to come across rocky or muddy paths and small streams, you might find that your vehicle has difficulty overcoming these obstacles. By adding a set of rugged larger tires, you won’t have second thoughts about traveling through any type of terrain.

Negatives: The vehicle’s shift points(if an automatic) and speedometer will be all out of sorts if you install a set of tires that are too big for your vehicle without reprogramming the computer. You will also have to regear your axles to ensure sufficient acceleration and off road capability.

Modification #4: Winch

Benefits: A winch is one of the most useful modifications that you can add to the exterior of your vehicle. This feature will transform your Jeep into the ultimate self recovery vehicle, as the unit will allow you to pull yourself out of any sticky situations you find yourself in. If you’re one who likes to always have a way out, then a winch is a perfect solution.

Negatives: Some pundits would claim that there truly isn’t a downside to pursuing a winch for your Jeep. However, you’ll still have to consider the impact this inclusion will have on the literal vehicle. For starters, a winch with a steel cable will add weight to your vehicle and bumper, which predictably influences performance.  

Modification #5: Rock Sliders

Positives: If you want to preserve the exterior beauty of your Jeep during an off-roading excursion, that won’t be possible with some modifications. By installing rock sliders to the side of your Jeep, you’ll be better prepared to overcome any random trees or rocks that might scrape against your ride. These inclusions will take the brunt of the damage when you’re traveling on an uneven path, assuring that your vehicle looks as good as new.

Negatives: We may be cheating a bit here, but there truly aren’t many negatives that accompany this modification. As we previously mentioned, any exterior addition will surely add some weight to your ride, but this isn’t a major detriment.


Furthermore, if you opt to weld these sliders to the exterior of your Jeep, they can only be removed by cutting them off. Of course, if you decide to opt for such a drastic modification, then we’re sure that you’ve already prepared for the long-term effects.