Jeep Dealer: The First Step Towards Your Next Adventure

Deep in the soul of every off-road enthusiast is an inherent understanding, absent in so many other breeds of driver. It comes in recognizing the simple fact that enjoyment of a vehicle can co-exist with enjoyment of nature. More importantly, it comes with the understanding that they should co-exist.

Countless clubs, groups, and communities recognize this, embracing the natural splendor that trails and terrain have to offer, albeit in a protective and responsible manner. Is it any surprise that such organizations exist in certain regions? Hardly. With so many scenic and breathtaking regions of the continental the United States, these vistas are nourishment to one’s eyes and one’s soul. And its terrain begs to be explored, best traversed by those who wish to maintain it, ensuring equal enjoyment by future generations of four-wheel enthusiasts.

Through a Jeep Dealership, Denver drivers are able to take that first (or next) step towards getting the most of their offroad experience. Let your eyes drink in the panoramic vistas atop Yankee Hill. Visit the ghost towns along the Alpine Loop. Retrace history as you tackle the various challenges presented throughout Wagon Wheel. From trail-riding to off-roading, rock-crawling to over-landing, there’s a perfect Jeep build to get you there. Limited only by your ambition and budget, isn’t it about time that you take those steps to get out there?

The Wrangler

While Jeep offers an extensive selection of off-road capable models, none is more fitting than the iconic Wrangler. Whether you opt for the standard two-door or the four-door Unlimited configuration, the Wrangler makes the perfect foundation upon which to build your newfound sense of adventure.

Despite offering three core trim levels (Sport, Sahara & Rubicon), there are a number of additional variants made available within each. Combined with the enhancement packages offered, the range of options serve up features designed around the enjoyment of your Wrangler’s capabilities.

And what’s not to enjoy? Powered by a 3.6-liter V6 (mated to either a six-speed manual or five-speed automatic) the Wrangler pumps out 285 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. With newer models offering some of the best acceleration ever seen in Wrangler, Jeep infuses some road-friendly speed with the Wrangler’s signature blend of utilitarian and recreational offroad appeal.

And, with towing capacity ranging from 2,000 LBS (Wrangler) to 3,500 LBS (Unlimited) the Wrangler makes for a perfect ally, should an off-roading partner find themselves stuck. Even with its stock specifications, the Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited are impressively compelling…but any serious off-roading will require some tweaks.

Initial Mods

While there are certainly those content to drive their Wrangler off the dealer lot and enjoy it ‘as is’ let’s be honest…they’re definitely in the minority. Unless you’ve bought a pre-mod build, or requested certain upgrades prior to purchase, you’re mentally budgeting your time and money for what will inevitably be the first of many tweaks you’ll be making to that vehicle.

First, the first things you’re planning are most likely (i) an after-market lift with dual-sport suspension and (ii) upsized tires to improve ground clearance. Upgrading your spare wheel carrier is also prudent, considering that the stock carrier isn’t designed to accommodate the weight of upsized tires. Some carriers also incorporate additional space for storage of fuel containers and/or heavy-duty ground jacks (both of which could be crucial considerations, especially for more aggressive, long-distance overlanders).

Another natural consideration is to upgrade the stock bumper which, in most cases, is plastic.  A steel bumper will take the bulk of the hits, protecting your Jeep’s front end while increasing your angle of approach. The added bonus? A perfect place to mount a winch as well as tow hooks, both of which you should plan to have before you make your way to paths less traveled.

Basic Protective Mods

Even light trail-riding can present challenges for a JK if it hasn’t been upgraded from its stock configuration. With that in mind, its crucial that you equip your Wrangler with the right protection.

Skid plates should be atop your list of parts to install, specifically ones specifically designed to protect the transmission and/or oil pan. Make no assumptions that a stock skid plate (or one installed by a previous owner) is up to snuff. If your Jeep’s current skid plates aren’t sized to offer this kind of protection, get ready for the very real possibility of expensive repairs. For the same reason, similar skid plates for front and rear axles are recommended to protect any low-hanging differentials.

If you’re not well-versed in precautionary modifications, there are countless Jeep and 4×4 groups in the Colorado area who are glad to mentor less-experienced members. Having someone to guide you through the labyrinth of options is crucial, especially if they can help tailor your mods to the manner in which you intend to off-road. Trust us, we’re just scraping the surface above. There’s no getting around it, after-market Jeep accessories are an industry unto themselves.


To The Extreme

There may be no accessories more geared towards extreme off-roading than those produced by American Expedition Vehicles. Consider the benefits of a stamped steel hood designed to increase cool air induction and promote heat extraction. And since we’re speaking of performance-enhancing features, a Jeep-fitted snorkel will maintain a cleaner airflow, even in the dirtiest of conditions.

AEV parts offer an elevated, performance-inspired alternative for any modification you might be considering (as well as a healthy dose of badassery).


Make It Your Own

As mentioned above, the only limitations to Jeep mods are your ambition and your budget. The greatest joy in owning a Jeep comes in making it your own, empowering yourself to enjoy both the splendor and adventure that the outdoors has to offer.

So, what’s stopping you? Visit your Jeep Dealership today, and get out there.