A closeup is shown of the grille on a gray 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee High Altitude.

There’s So Much More To the Jeep Grand Cherokee

Who doesn’t love something that is “limited edition”? Sure, limited edition sometimes seems to mean the number is limited to how many a company can make, but there’s just something about that word. Limited. It’s nice to know you and only a select few might end up owning what you bought. Maybe it’s a special limited edition action figure of Han Solo thawing from carbonite. Or perhaps it was that limited edition McDonald’s Beanie Baby you visited a few hundred locations to eventually track down. Often, even if what you end up with doesn’t give you infinite riches, there’s still something about the process and effort it took to track the object down. The thrill of the hunt. Thankfully, limited editions don’t just come in toy packages that parents come to blows over (in the words of one Frank Costanza, “…As I rained blows upon him, I realized there had to be another way!“). Vehicles also come in limited edition trims, and while these trims might not actually increase in value over the years (although, you never know), it’s still nice to know you have something that is extra special. Jeep may be the king of vehicle limited editions, and these are some of our favorite 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee trims.

The Altitude Editions

The Altitude Edition Jeep Grand Cherokees have more than just altitude, they have an attitude (yes, we’ve got the dad jokes on lockdown). There are a handful of different Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude editions available.

The first is the straight-up Altitude. It features slick gloss black accents that stand out with the subdued colors available (such as the “Velvet Red Pearl Coat” color, which is basically an unnecessarily fancy way of saying burgundy). It comes with an Alpine Premium Audio System that features nine speakers and a 12-channel 506-watt amp, plus an eight-inch sub for that extra bass you can really feel. Plus, don’t forget the heated leather-trimmed front seats.

The High Altitude is another limited edition trim. It takes advantage of Nappa perforated leather-trimmed seats. The perforated seating helps extend the life of the seats as you won’t have them cracking and breaking, which is common with all-leather seats. It also takes your listening enjoyment to the next level with a 19-speaker Harman Kardon Premium Audio System. It doesn’t have the same kind of dedicated bass, but when you want an unmatched surround sound experience, we do love this touch.

The High Altitude also replaced the gloss black accents of the Altitude with low-gloss granite accents, which give you a subdued elegance both on the interior of the vehicle and out.

The Upland Edition

A closeup is shown of the traction control knob in a 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

With the Upland, we found it is a bit limited in the color options. You have a gray, black, and white (of course, Jeep will use super fancy names, but when you boil it down, these are the color options you have access to with this limited edition). The interior is rather interesting. At least with regards to the seats. The seating has this unique stitching and texture that some might not like. But others may find it helps if they sweat because it helps with airflow.

The SUV has some nice tires and wheels, although the feature we do really like is the Selec-Terrain Traction Management System, which makes it easier for you to tell the Jeep Grand Cherokee exactly what you’re driving through (like sand or rock or snow). The other paint and cosmetic features aren’t that interesting to us, but we do like this option.

The Limited X

Oh boy, a limited edition with “Limited” in the title. That would make it a limited edition Limited X. It’s twice the limited! Right out of the gate, this again has the darker, almost mysterious exterior paint colors. There is a deep dark blue/gray color, a black, that deep burgundy color, and then white (yes if you were playing that old Sesame Street game of “which one of these is not like the other…which one of these doesn’t belong” you would have selected white. Still, if you don’t like the darker colors, it is nice to have white as an alternative.

This Jeep Grand Cherokee comes with some performance hood scoops. We have to admit that we love some solid hood scoops. It’s just a nice way to break up that giant piece of sheet metal. In many ways, it is the most boring area of the vehicle, but hood scoops help add some defined interest.

The hood scoops on the Limited X improve airflow to the engine. And right under the hood, you’ll find the upgraded LED daytime running lamps and high-intensity discharge headlamps. Inside, you’ll find the perforated leather trim seating, “liquid titanium” accents (we’re not exactly sure what liquid titanium looks like, but it’s probably the same as regular titanium. Although we can’t argue that “liquid titanium” does sound cooler). Probably the real selling point on this one is the dual-pane panoramic sunroof. You might not have the full removable top option as the Wrangler, but this is a solid alternative.

North Edition

The entire Jeep line of North Edition vehicles in silver, including the 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee, are parked atop a snowy hill.

Ah, the North Edition. Jeep has a North Edition for every single one of its vehicles. So it is kind of limited, but not extremely limited. Because it is available on every single Jeep, it’s basically an elevated trim.

But let’s get down to it. What makes this limited edition version of the Grand Cherokee so limited? Well, it does come with black front tow hooks.

Naturally, as a “North Edition,” it is going to have heated seating because when driving during the winter throughout the northern United States you are going to encounter some cold weather. Well, you can kiss the cold goodbye with the heating seating. You can also avoid the musty smell that sometimes comes with wet, snowy boots leaving moisture in your car. With the all-weather floor mats, you’ll protect your vehicle’s interior, all while making it super easy to clean. It doesn’t matter if you’re trekking in snow, mud, road salt, or whatever it is your kid stepped in, you’ll have your vehicle protected.

This is one trim option that will also come with several color options. Yes, there is the gray, black, and white (referred to as sting-gray, diamond black, and bright white), but you can also go with Billet Silver Metallic (silver), “Light Brownstone Pearl” (champagne/sand), “Velvet Red” (burgundy), “Blue Shade Pearl” (blue), and “Olive Green Pearl” (sandy green). So you will have plenty of color options. We’d also like to know who gets to name these paint colors. Maybe it’s the folks at Crayola, but whoever it is, we want in on that gig.

Who Doesn’t Love A Limited Edition?

There’s no need to shove when it comes to finding these limited editions. Sure, Frank Costanza went on to invent Festivus, but we’d recommend playing it cool when heading out to your local Jeep dealership. Growing up, did you have any favorite limited edition items? Was it a certain toy, a video game platform, or sneakers? Was there a limited edition item you always wanted but were never able to track down? Let us know! We always love talking about those limited edition toys from our past.