A black 2020 Jeep Wrangler Black & Tan edition is parked in the woods.

Nothing Like a Special Wrangler Edition For Jeep Enthusiasts


Jeep is the SUV that continues to write the book on sport utility vehicle modifications. It’s designed for the outdoor lover who likes to tinker and upgrade. No other vehicle on the planet is designed this way. Sure, there are plenty of trim options to go for, and Jeep does a heck of a job offering features every Wrangler lover would go after. However, there are always modifications to be done. It’s what makes owning a Jeep fantastic. With that said, sometimes Jeep can pull back the curtain on a few special edition trims that blow the doors right off of our expectations. Yes, other manufacturers make special editions. But these are usually nothing more than paint jobs or maybe leather seating with “Eddie Bauer” stitched into it (we’re looking at you, Ford). Wranglers are different. These special editions are more than just a slap of paint and a few extra feet of thread. So if you’re a fan of the Jeep special editions like we are, here are the 2020 Jeep Wrangler special editions announced thus far (there’s been a few).

Black and Tan

Heck, we could sure go for a black and tan right about now. No, we don’t mean the drink, but the Jeep Wrangler special edition. But, just a heads up, don’t order one in Ireland. Black and tan is a nickname for the Royal Irish Constabulary Reserve Voice the British sent to Ireland back during its 1920s revolution… And the Irish don’t look favorably on them.

The Black and Tan trim comes with a Sunrider Soft Top, which features the classic tan top that can easily be removed. On the bottom, it uses machined 17-inch aluminum wheels with a granite finish paint job. The rugged styling moves from the outside of the SUV to the interior with black Trail Rated badging as well as a black sidestep.

Freedom Limited Edition

A white 2020 Jeep Wrangler Freedom edition is parked in front of trees.

The Freedom trim package is dedicated to the brave men and women who continue to protect our great country. With the Freedom edition, you receive a decorated exterior that shows off the five-pointed star right on the hood. It also uses an Oscar Mike badge on the tailgate. This edition features 17-inch Jeep Performance Parts as well as satin carbon aluminum painted wheels. It also takes advantage of a black Sunrider Soft Top.

If you haven’t used a Sunrider Soft Top before, you don’t know what you’re missing. It is zipperless, which helps keep drafts out and keeps you dry inside, and yet it is easy to remove when you want to remove the top.

Throughout the vehicle, there are little touches that are dedicated to American military history, including in the rear swing gate. Each vehicle will have an information plate detailing this history.

Double The Altitudes

Jeep has come out with not only one Altitude but two Altitude special editions. There is the Sport Altitude and then the Sahara Altitude. Each uses similar upgrades and modifications, yet the two models are very much themselves. You’ll find 18-inch five-spoke gloss black wheels on both, plus fog lamps built right into the front bumper. This helps give you a more streamlined look than installing the fog lamps post-purchase.

If you go with the Sport Altitude limited edition, it comes with a three-piece Freedom Top hardtop. On the flip side, the Sahara Altitude maintains the same color roof as it does with the rest of the vehicle. So if you want color contrast, go with the Sport. Or if you want to blend in with the snow, the desert, or the surrounding forest, go with the Sahara and its universal color scheme.

The big difference between the two is found in the interior. For the Sport, it comes with an all-black cloth interior. The Sahara though, uses leather.

The Throw Back To The Willy

A silver 2020 Jeep Wrangler Willys edition is parked in front of a mountain.

There’s nothing like a callback to the original. The current Jeep Wrangler is the offspring of the original Willys Overland CJ-3A, which was built in 1948. This 2020 edition does everything it can to keep the spirit of the original Willys alive and well.

This limited-edition trim is branded with “Willys” throughout the body. It uses 17-inch gloss black five-spoke wheels and upgrades your tires to 32-inch Firestone Mud-Terrain T/A tires, so you’re ready for anything and everything. Of course, being ready for everything means you may need (or want) to go off-roading. Thanks to the high-performance shocks, you’ll have better control and traction while maintaining a smoother ride in your Willys edition Jeep. It even comes with underbody armor and heavy-duty rock rails.

Now, while this is a throwback to the original, there are many modern upgrades as well. This includes Sport LED Lighting and LED Fog Lamps, so whether on the road or off of it, you’ll always be able to see.

North Edition

While many of the other trims are unique to the Wrangler, Jeep does have a North Edition trim for its entire vehicle lineup. What does this mean for the Wrangler? Well, it means it’s built specifically for handling snow, ice, and everything Old Man Winter has to throw in your direction.

The Wrangler comes with front tow hooks in case you need to pull a buddy out of the snow. It also comes with a black three-piece FreedomTop hardtop and a Selec-Trac Full-Time 4×4 System plus Bridgestone All-Terrain tires.

Keep Breathing With The High Altitude

A dark gray 2020 Jeep Wrangler High Altitude edition is parked in front of a glass building.

Alright, so we lied a little bit when we said there were only two Altitude trims. There is a third, but it hasn’t dropped yet for the general public, which is why we wanted to give this it’s own section (but don’t worry, it’s coming spring 2020, so it will be hitting any day now).

The High Altitude uses some similar features as the Sahara Altitude, including the same body and roof color scheme (although there are different paint jobs for this vehicle design). The wheels also get an upgrade with 20-inch aluminum wheels painted a gloss black. Add on all-season tires and you’re ready for action. The interior is decked out with leather trimmings (you have two premium leather trim options), plus you get the highest level of comfort and tech found in any Jeep Wrangler trim. This includes an 8.4-inch touchscreen featuring Uconnect 4C Nav, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support, plus an eight-speaker Alpine Premium Audio System so not only will you have a vehicle that can handle any situation but any style of music you like as well.

Which Is Your Favorite?

So, are you a fan of the Wrangler limited edition releases? Would you go for any of currently listed, or are you more someone who likes to trick out their own Jeep? Of course, there’s nothing wrong with opting for one of these limited edition Wranglers and then adding to it as well. After all, that’s what makes a Jeep Wrangler a Jeep Wrangler. If you do have a favorite, let us know. And if there’s a limited edition from a previous year you absolutely love and wish they’d bring back, let us know that as well!