A blue 2018 Chevy Corvette GrandSport is shown from the front driving on an open road past a body of water.

Dream Big or Go Home: Why Not Do Both in a CPO Chevy Corvette?

“I feel the need… the need for speed.” The famous line from Top Gun is an iconic moment in silver screen history when Maverick, played by Tom Cruise, lived up to his name as he pushed the F-14 Tomcat to its limits, defying authority and gravity itself. If you share a hint of Maverick’s need for speed and even his rebellious spirit, then you’re certainly on the right track with your search for a Certified Pre-Owned Chevy dealership.

Chevy’s lineup is truly impressive and versatile; whether you’re looking for a sedan like the Malibu, an EV like the Bolt, a truck like the Silverado, or an SUV like the Equinox, Tahoe, and Suburban. But why not go all in and get the Chevy of your dreams? Chevy’s Certified Pre-Owned program makes it easy to satisfy your need for speed and get behind the wheel of the legendary Corvette at a price you can afford and with confidence in your purchase.

A Remarkable Evolution: The Making of a Legend

Sometimes, the best ideas come from unforeseen circumstances. This is certainly true for the Corvette after a dramatic sales slump in the 1950s forced General Motors to think outside the box to regenerate interest in its best-selling brand. Knowing a sports car would do the trick, designers took inspiration from British sports cars of the era and pieced together the Corvette with its fiberglass body, 2-speed automatic transmission, and 3.9-liter engine.

Making its debut in 1953, the Corvette wasn’t an instant success, with Chevy selling only 183 models of 300 built. What was the problem? The Corvette didn’t have a niche; it lacked the opulence expected of a grand tourer and the power required of a sports car. With one of two ways to go, Chevy chose to pursue its own need for speed.

The Corvette saw its first boost in power in 1955 with the addition of a 4.3-liter V8 engine under its hood that earned it a coveted place in the sports car segment. By 1958, there was no question that the Corvette belonged as Chevy unveiled its revolutionary small-block 5.3-liter V8 engine. Churning out 360 horsepower, the small-block V8 engine gave drivers the high-performance speed demon that Chevy’s founder, race car driver Louis Chevrolet, was so adamant about delivering when he established the company in 1911.

Today, there’s no doubt that Louis Chevrolet would be impressed by the Corvette’s rich history and how far it’s come over the last seven decades. Now in its eighth generation, the C8 Corvette is a mid-engine marvel that ushers that legacy into a new era. It’s more powerful than ever before with a 495-horsepower engine and an 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission delivering exceptional acceleration and the handling you’ve come to expect from the speed demon.

A white 1954 Chevy Corvette is shown parked in front of a line of trees.

Shopping for a Certified Pre-Owned Corvette

You’ve dreamt of owning a Corvette, but you’ve never been able to rationalize splurging on a new sports car, and you haven’t felt comfortable getting behind the wheel of a used model without knowing its full history. Risk comes with everything, but Chevy works tirelessly to mitigate that risk and give you all the information and confidence you need to get behind the wheel of your dream car. This starts by holding its Certified Pre-Owned models to higher quality standards.

Not every Chevy qualifies for certification, and that means not every Corvette will make the cut. For a Corvette to pass the first round of qualification, it must be less than six model years old, have fewer than 75,000 miles on the odometer, and have a clean vehicle title. Once it passes these standards, it must then pass Chevy’s comprehensive 172-point vehicle inspection and reconditioning process where certified technicians go over every inch of the sports car from the engine and transmission to the owner’s manual and warranty paperwork to ensure it’s fully operational and intact.

These standards pre-qualify Corvettes built since 2016, which gives you plenty of options to find the model you’ve dreamed of and one that meets your budget needs. Corvettes from 2016 to 2019 are part of the seventh or C7 generation and are renowned for their power and design. This is apparent in models like the Z06 that churns out 650 horsepower, the wide-body Corvette Grand Sport from 2017, and the 2019 ZR1 that pushes the powerhouse on wheels to deliver a jaw-dropping 755 horsepower.

If you’re looking to own an even bigger piece of Corvette history, then you’ll want to start your search with the eighth generation or C8 Corvette. Completely redesigned in 2020, the Corvette made history with its mid-engine design that moved the engine behind the passenger compartment to increase overall stability, control, and performance. The mid-engine marvel also features a host of modern conveniences and luxuries that liken its cabin to a digital cockpit fit for anyone with a penchant for opulence and innovation.

Reaping the Benefits of Chevy’s Certified Pre-Owned Program

You’ll find that buying a Certified Pre-Owned Corvette does more than fulfill a lifelong dream or satisfy your need for speed. Chevy makes buying a Certified Pre-Owned model a rewarding investment that continues to serve you long after you drive off the lot. From confidence in your purchase to peace of mind on the road, here’s a glimpse at everything you’ll enjoy when you buy your dream Corvette.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

While it may be unimaginable, there’s a chance that you’ll get home with your Corvette and discover that it’s not the car for you. Buyer’s remorse is very real, and Chevy helps every customer avoid this with its satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee allows you to return the Corvette to your Certified Pre-Owned Chevy dealer within three days or 150 miles.

Factory-Backed Coverage

Vehicle repair can be expensive whether you’re behind the wheel of the Corvette or a truck like the Silverado. Chevy mitigates this expense by offering two factory-backed warranties with every Certified Pre-Owned model. This means your Certified Pre-Owned Corvette comes with a 6-year or 100,000-mile Powertrain Limited Warranty and a 12-month or 12,000-mile Bumper-to-Bumper Limited Warranty.

Maintenance Made Easy

Along with your Corvette’s factory-backed warranties, Chevy also makes owning and maintaining the sports car stress and hassle-free. Your Corvette comes with Chevy’s Scheduled Maintenance Program that covers routine services within the first two years or 24,000 miles. When your Corvette is in the shop, Chevrolet even offers courtesy transportation to limit any inconvenience.

Peace of Mind

You’ll have peace of mind anytime you’re in the driver’s seat, thanks to roadside assistance. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, roadside assistance is there whenever you need it. Services include fuel delivery, battery jump-start, towing, and lockout assistance.

A red 2019 Chevy Corvette ZR1 is shown from the side driving on a tree lined road at sunset.

Making Your Dreams Come True

Racecar driver Louis Chevrolet envisioned building a company that produced high-performance vehicles to give American drivers a glimpse into his own need for speed. Chevrolet left the company before that dream came true, but that makes models like the Corvette all the more special. The Corvette, America’s iconic speed demon, is a testament to Louis Chevrolet’s vision and legacy.

Investing in a living legacy like the Corvette is easy with Chevy’s remarkable Certified Pre-Owned program. By holding its certified models to a higher standard, Chevy engineers greater confidence in its brand and in your ability to find your dream Corvette. That leaves only one other question, “What Corvette will satisfy your need for speed?”