Why The Chevy Service Department is the Best Place for Chevy Repairs

There are plenty of opinions out there when it comes to auto repair. Some decry dealer service centers as harbingers of inflated prices and unnecessary repairs, while others refute the claim that independent mechanics know as much about specific models as the highly-trained professionals at a dealership. But no matter what mud is slung around, the real truth is: if you want to get great service for your Chevrolet vehicle, the absolute best place to do so is at a certified Chevy service department.

That’s because nobody knows more about your Chevy than the expert Chevy professionals working at a Chevy service department. With years of professional experience and over 1 million hours of collective training each year, Chevy mechanics worldwide have exactly the skills, resources, and tools needed to fix your Chevy the right way.

Trust In The Expert Advice

Chevy Mechanics are well trained on your specific Chevy model and know exactly what and how to repair when you come in with a problem – and if they don’t they have the most direct line to those who do. The benefit of working with a Chevy service dealer is knowing they’ll do the right job the first time, and won’t make mistakes out of ignorance.

That being said, working with a Chevy mechanic is a better idea than working with an independent mechanic because he or she is not simply limited to basic maintenance and repairs. While an independent mechanic may be able to handle basic care like an oil change, filter replacement, or brake check, he or she may need to send the car or parts out for more extensive repair. A Chevy service center, however, can handle all aspects of your Chevy repair with the tools that were built for the job. That’s a serious advantage, and could end up saving you a lot of money on extensive repairs.

Plus, with all of the power of Chevrolet behind it, your local Chevy service center can acquire the latest and greatest tools for any tough job, and unlike other mechanics, a Chevy mechanic will never be forced to work with old or outdated equipment on your precious vehicle. And, since they are likely to be more familiar with problems specific to your vehicle, the Chevy mechanic is less likely to spend time trying to figure out what the problem is and more likely to spend time fixing the problem.

Good For Small Maintenance And Big Fixes


Perhaps most impressively, the Chevy certified service department at your local Chevy dealer is capable of handling any sized task, from basic repairs to extensive replacements.

First and foremost, these mechanics are highly-trained professionals, able to tackle every maintenance job from a full Multi-Point inspection to basic brake maintenance. Outfitted with the newest, greatest resources, Chevy service centers know exactly which parts and fluids work best with your Chevy and can do all the draining, filling, and changing for you in one easy location.

Or, if your Chevy is facing more extensive repairs after a fender bender or a hard breakdown, your Chevy service center is there to both diagnose the problem and get your vehicle back to working shape, as if it had just rolled off the lot. That’s the biggest benefit of seeing a Chevy service department: they don’t just fix your vehicle, they make it run like new.

Just As Passionate About Chevrolet As You

We know Chevy drivers – and we know how passionate they are about their beloved Chevys. Driveways across the country abound with gleaming Camaros and powerful Silverados, each taken precise care of by a loving owner. If you own a Chevy, you’re not just about to entrust your baby to anybody; your mechanic has to appreciate your beloved car as much as you do, and treat it with the same respect.

It’s fair to say, then, that a mechanic who’s dedicated his career to fixing Chevys probably understands your mentality. By specializing in caring for and restoring Chevys to working order day after day, the mechanics at Chevy service centers prove their passion for the Chevrolet brand time and time again – and who better to trust your precious vehicle to then a professional Chevy expert?

There Are Benefits To Staying Close To Home


Chevy knows there are plenty of independent mechanics out there willing to sell a cheap service in exchange for a shoddy repair job, and that this might attract some customers to going there for Chevy repairs. To combat this, Chevy gives drivers some notable incentives for getting repairs done at a Chevy service center.

These include Chevy’s Limited Lifetime Parts Warranty, which promises that a certified Chevy service center will replace or repair many important GM parts (like the Alternator, Air Conditioning system, or Shock Absorbers, among others) free of charge for the original purchaser for the life of the vehicle. That means you never have to worry about spending a fortune to replace critical parts – Chevy already has you covered.

As part of your Chevrolet Complete Care Package, standard on most new Chevy vehicles, you will also receive two years or 24,000 miles of Included Scheduled Maintenance. This includes oil and filter changes, a full 27-point inspection, and full tire rotation – all at no cost to the driver. These little maintenance stops can rack up to annoying costs, and having free service included in your vehicle is an invaluable resource to new drivers.

Chevrolet Complete Care also comes standard with 5 years or 100,000 miles of 24-Hour Roadside Assistance and Courtesy Transportation. This means you can contact Chevy no matter where you are for emergency towing, a jump start, a tire change, or for transportation for when your vehicle is undergoing warranty repairs.

Plus, with other standard warranties like the 5-year/100,000-mile Powertrain Limited Warranty, the 3-year/36,000-mile Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty, and the 6-year/100,000-mile Rust-Through Protection Warranty, you can rest easy knowing your Chevy is covered by those who know it best.

Want Some Accessories? There’s No Better Place


Let’s get beyond those basic repairs and maintenance jobs – you already know you can rely on the professionals at a certified Chevy service center to take care of those. What we’re really interested in is accessories and modifications on Chevy models, and there’s no better place to have these added than a Chevy service center.

Not only will a Chevy mechanic have access to a wider range of available Chevy parts at a standard price, but he or she should know exactly how to install them the right way. Whether it be new wheels, a spoiler, or an upgraded exhaust, your Chevy service center can install it as though it came off the factory line that way – and do it at a reasonable price.

A lot of people might try to dissuade you from visiting a service center at a dealer, but this is a misconception. While a service center might offer services at slightly higher prices than an independent dealer, the quality of the work is undoubtedly ing to be better when working with a specialist who has been highly trained in your specific model. By choosing to work with a chevy service center, you choose the most extensively trained and expertly outfitted mechanic to repair your Chevy – and you just may find it to be one o the best service experiences you’ve had.

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