Why the Chevy Express is Near-Perfect for Commercial Use

Just as the demands and expectations of today’s drivers have evolved, so have the demands and expectations placed upon commercial vehicles. Splitting the difference between utilitarian functionality and modern versatility, many of today’s work trucks, vans and vehicles are expected to double as mobile offices.

With this mind, automakers have their work cut out for them. Despite the enduring need for bare-bones work trucks, the demand for dynamic commercial vehicles is greater than ever. And in this regard, Chevy stands head and shoulders above most of their competition.


Choice of Models

First, it’s hard to argue the variety of options to choose from. Even most of Chevy’s regular lineup of cars, crossovers, SUVs, and trucks could find their place in a commercial fleet. That said, their commercial lineup is even better-tailored to do so.

While cutaway, chassis cab, and low cab forward variants provide the perfect platform for up-fitting, the Express lineup of vans includes three different body styles designed for very specific needs.  And within each come additional options in terms of powertrain and trim levels.

The City Express (starting around $22,405 MSRP) is designed to blend light hauling duties with mobile office functionality. The Express Cargo (priced to start around $31,295) provides a perfect foundation for both up-fitting and corporate branding. Built for utilitarian functionality, it has plenty of hauling power and can be configured as needed, to meet the demands of any job. Finally, the Express Passenger (starting at $33,315 MSRP) can seat up to 15 passengers, making it ideal for transporting any crew to their intended destination.



Explore their award-winning lineup, including trim levels and features and you’ll find that Chevy stands among the most successful in terms of integrating technology. While many competitors seem unable, or unwilling to update their offerings aside from higher trim levels, Chevy takes a different approach. From standardization of Bluetooth technology to the availability of 4G LTE Wi-Fi and built-in Navigation Chevy has displayed a commitment to making technology available across most offerings and trim levels.

And while base model ‘work’ trims are still made available, this commitment to technology extends to both Chevy trucks and the Express van line-up. This empowers companies to transform every vehicle within their fleet into a satellite office, improving communication and allowing their mobile and offsite employees to work more efficiently.


Opportunity for Mobile Advertising

And let us never forget that commercial vehicles provide another avenue upon which you can market your business. From vinyl signage to magnetic panels, decorative vehicle wraps to LED displays, any vehicle can be transformed to reinforce the community’s awareness of your products and/or services.

Here are some quick statistics on the effectiveness of mobile advertising, and why it should be a consideration of any (and every) business with commercial vehicles.