Online Car Buying and Space

Writer’s Note: for the better part of 15 years, I’ve been developing an idea for an epic, car-buying movie. Unfortunately, Westworld has seemingly stolen all of my ideas. Still, I decided to pass along the script treatment to you.   Time: A rainy and dark Saturday morning. The foreboding sky implies that everything might not […]

Understanding Hyundai’s Commitment to Buyers

Hyundai is an automaker committed to providing its customers with an unmatched car-owning experience. Drivers avoid experiencing the dreaded “buyer’s remorse” after they’ve purchased one of Hyundai’s vehicles, as the engineers have continually worked to design features and functions that improve the driver’s well-being. Specifically, the brand has focused on providing a variety of safety features, […]

Understanding the Hyundai Accent

It doesn’t feel like it’s been 23 years since Hyundai’s subcompact car made its debut. Since that time, the Accent has solidified itself in the class, and the nameplate owns the distinction of being North America’s long-selling small family car. Still, similar to a thick foreign “accent,” it can be difficult to identify what’s actually […]