A green 2022 Ford Edge is shown from the side parked in a parking garage.

Ford Edge vs Hyundai Santa Fe: Which Commuter Delivers More Luxury to Your Ride?

You may be one of those commuters who has to sit back and enjoy a long ride on the interstate every morning, or you may be one who frequently finds themselves stuck in stop-and-go traffic on city streets. With the average U.S. commute being approximately 27 minutes each way, it just makes sense that drivers want to enjoy the ride instead of dread it, which is where your vehicle comes in to save the day. Not only do you want to take advantage of an efficient and smooth ride, but you also want to be comfortable, surrounded by everything you need to stay effortlessly connected to your day, enjoying luxury upgrades to amplify your experience behind the wheel. When it comes to your commute, two popular SUVs, one from Ford and another from Hyundai, come to mind. So, when comparing the 2022 Ford Edge vs 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe, which vehicle offers commuters everything they’re looking for and more?

Upscale Style

If you regularly find yourself driving alone to work, it helps to enjoy the solitude in absolute comfort, which can be made possible by some coveted luxury features. The 2022 Ford Edge showcases a brilliant interior cabin, with plenty of room to relax and take in the sights, even if you’ve seen the same sights over and over again on your drive to work for years. The Edge delivers show-stopping style with keen attention to detail not found in its rivals, including heightened craftsmanship, premium materials, and enhancements, like a leather-wrapped steering wheel, leather-trimmed sport bucket seats, and ambient lighting. Upgrade to the sporty ST-Line for metallic pedals and red stitching dotting its steering wheel. With its refined look inside and out, getting cozy inside the Edge is easy and effortless, especially when a long journey awaits.

The 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe boasts a slightly bolder design, which isn’t for everybody, especially those searching for a more classic look. You will find nice appointments inside the Santa Fe, including heated and ventilated seats, quilted Nappa leather-trimmed seating in higher-level trims, and ambient lighting. Unfortunately, where the Santa Fe misses the mark is with its overall space inside, especially in its rear seat, where passengers have reported that it’s a bit cramped. If you’re looking for the ideal vehicle for your commute, one that offers unrivaled comfort, luxury features, and a spacious cabin, the Edge far surpasses the Santa Fe.

A blue 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe is shown from the side parked in the desert.

Refined Ride Quality

You can have all of the elegant features you want in a vehicle; however, if the ride quality isn’t enjoyable, your commute isn’t enjoyable either. Rest assured that your ride will be smooth in the 2022 Ford Edge, with two turbocharged engines available, both delivering a quality driving experience. In addition to a smooth and stable ride, the Edge is pleasantly efficient, getting up to 28 MPG on the highway with its 2.0 EcoBoost four-cylinder. Not only does the Edge showcase an exceptional ride, but you’ll fall in love with the way in which it takes on curves, hugging them with elegant precision. Plus, with its optional 2.7L EcoBoost V6 delivering 335 horsepower, the Edge has plenty of power and is perfect for virtually any type of drive.

Riding in the 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe, you’ll also find it relaxing, with refined responsiveness and a smooth driving demeanor. Its engine selection doesn’t quite deliver the amount of power that you’ll find with the Edge and its engine lineup; however, you’ll get to enjoy favorable gas mileage, as the Santa Fe is able to get up to 28 MPG on the highway, just like the Edge. Also like the Edge, the Hyundai Santa Fe is armed with all-wheel drive capabilities, which come in handy, especially when inclement weather strikes or pesky construction makes the roadways uneven for months on end. But where Ford makes all-wheel drive a standard feature across the Edge lineup, Hyundai only offers it as an added-cost option.

Elegant Practicality

Even if it’s just you who’s traveling in your vehicle, you may need to bring plenty of belongings with you each day, especially if you’re presenting to a client or running to the gym after work. From briefcases and gym bags to camping gear and more, having room in your vehicle for everything tagging along with you during the ride is essential. The 2022 Ford Edge handles this need perfectly, offering 73.4 cu.ft. of cargo space to fit more inside without sacrificing the space you need to remain effortlessly comfortable. Configurable seating, plus an available hands-free liftgate, make any task easier in the Edge, from finding more space to bring along your road trip essentials for a weekend jaunt out of the city to loading and uploading it with no hands. In addition to a spacious and versatile cabin, you’ll also get to enjoy loads of storage solutions to remain organized, especially for those often on the road for the majority of the day.

As we mentioned above, the Santa Fe doesn’t offer as much room inside, which may be a problem for some. Its cargo volume is slightly less than the Edge at 72.1 cu.ft.; although, additional space underneath the rear floor helps out. If you want to enjoy more space to be able to handle all of the important belongings traveling along with you, we suggest the Ford Edge, as it’s undeniably larger and ready to make your commute functional, flexible, and above all else, comfortable. Not only does it offer all of these functional options, but its convenience features don’t take away from its overall allure, which makes it a top choice for many commuters looking for a more luxurious ride.

State-of-the-Art Tech

Sometimes, you have an early work meeting, and unfortunately, you may still be stuck in traffic. With the technology features that reside in many modern vehicles, it’s easy to stay in tune with everything going on at the office from the road. The Edge is not only equipped with Ford’s latest SYNC 4A infotainment system, which is showcased through a dazzling 12-inch touchscreen, it’s also armed with Ford Co-Pilot360 safety technology to keep you alert and safe during any type of commute. From staying effortlessly in your lane on the interstate to knowing exactly what’s in your blind spot while navigating city traffic, the Edge is always looking out for your well-being on the road. In addition, having access to all of your must-have tech through features like smartphone integration, in-vehicle apps, an available WiFi hotspot and more, is essential, especially for those who prefer to work on the go.

The 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe has a much smaller 10.3-inch touchscreen and doesn’t even offer it as standard equipment, leaving the lower trims with an outdated 8-inch display. You’ll find all of the coveted tech you need inside, and in addition to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities, you’ll also get to take advantage of available wireless charging features and a premium audio system. Safety and driver assistance features can also be enjoyed in the Santa Fe, including available Remote Smart Parking Assist to guide your vehicle into those tricky street parking spaces and standard adaptive cruise control for the highway. Although the Santa Fe includes much of the must-have tech that we’re looking for, the Edge has an “edge” over its competitors with its brilliantly large touchscreen.

A blue 2020 Ford Edge is shown from the rear driving on an open road in the rain after winning a 2022 Ford Edge vs 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe comparison.

Riding in Luxury

There’s more to your commuter vehicle than efficiency. When it comes to truly enjoying the ride, it all comes down to the high-end features, smooth driving dynamics, a spacious interior cabin, and comfortable appointments to add more to your overall ride. Taking all of this into consideration, one vehicle outperforms the other in all areas. From its roomy interior and premium materials inside to its smooth, agile ride and top-of-the-line tech, the 2022 Ford Edge has it all, which makes it the ideal companion for any type of commuter. If you want to revel in refined sophistication while also enjoying comfort, efficiency, and quality, the Ford Edge is the ultimate vehicle for your commute.