KIA: Putting Safety First in 2019

    Of all the engineering and technology-centric advances made in automotive technology, none might be more universally appreciable than the evolution of safety features. Cliched sentiment aside, our vehicles really do carry our the most precious of cargo, be it our loved ones, or our very own lives. But it’s not the automakers that […]

Are We Looking Too Far Forward?

    Audi recently unveiled its concept of the ‘Pop.up.Next’, a fusion of self-driving electric car and passenger drone which they expect to have on the market within the next decade. Partnering with Airbus, this next wave of on-demand metropolitan taxi is being tests in Europe and South America, confirming that its a viable avenue […]

Chevy Wipes the Slate Clean

    Today on AutoInfluence, we explore Chevy’s decision to wipe their slate, at least partially clean… At this point, where we find ourselves edging towards 2019, few people remain unaware of Ford’s announcement, from earlier this year, confirming that they’d be phasing out their line of sedans to refine their focus on crossovers. Now…we […]

11 Things You Need to Know about Ford & GM’s 10-Speed Transmission

The desire to increase efficiency out of drivetrains is hardly limited to the design and re-engineering of engine builds, with many transmissions being modified to include additional gearing. And the introduction of the long-awaited Ford/GM 10-Speed Transmission might just be the best depiction of that intent. First announced back in 2013, the partnership between Ford […]

2019 GMC Yukon: A 2nd Look

Considering the ease with which so many car-buyers have overlooked GMC’s lineup over the years, isn’t it about time that we give credit where it’s due? Take the 2019 GMC Yukon, for example. Even without the advantage of the Denali nameplate, the Yukon is a well-qualified and able competitor against the likes of the Infiniti […]

Introducing the 2020 Jeep Gladiator

Last month’s introduction of the 2020 Jeep Gladiator was the culmination of years worth of buzz, and decades worth of patience on the part of Jeep loyalists. Developed under the resurrected ‘Scrambler’ moniker, the biggest shock might have been the early release of the ‘Gladiator’ nameplate. And while the readiness of information on the internet, […]

Volkswagen Targets 2025 for New Benchmark in Electric Vehicle Sales

  When it comes to the creation of attention-grabbing automotive technologies, today’s headlines usually fall into one of the three categories. First, the continuing partnership between automakers and tech giants to transition humanity into the use of autonomous vehicles. Second (and infinitely more tangible) is the recent resurgence of high-powered cars, trucks and SUVs geared […]

5 Reasons RAM Trucks Do It Better

For those seeking out a RAM dealership, truck buyers either count themselves among RAM enthusiasts or among those who have recognized RAM’s prevailing value, so often overshadowed by Ford and Chevy’s constant one-upmanship. Counting myself among the former, I recently found myself engaged in a conversation where a number of us were talking about what […]